Wanting to smurf, permabanned, stuck in elo hell, or just bored. These are just some of the reasons why you might be looking to get a brand new League of Legends account. For most people, leveling up a new smurf is tedious and time-consuming, which is why many players nowadays prefer buying smurf accounts instead. However, that does pose the question of whether the practice of buying LoL accounts is safe and legitimate.

Is it safe to buy a LoL account?

First of all, purchasing a LoL account is against Riot’s terms of service and it’s considered a bannable offense. Nevertheless, the short answer is yes, it is safe to buy a League of Legends account, but that comes with a big if. Buying a League of Legends account is only and exclusively safe if you’re buying it from a trustworthy website or a third company that guarantees your safety throughout the transaction. When you’re purchasing an account, you’re putting your personal information, your money, and your account at risk if you’re buying without being informed first. That’s the main reason why you’ll want to buy your account from an experienced company that can guarantee the security of your purchase and the safety of your account afterward. Buying accounts from individuals is very risky because you’ll often receive an account whose username/password can be changed by the seller after the purchase. On the other hand, some individuals will try to run a scam that will endanger your private information or your money. That being said, in order to protect yourself, here is an array of things you should look out for before committing a purchase.

Unverified email

This is undoubtedly one of, if not the most essential detail you should look out for when buying a League of Legends account. It’s crucial that the account you’re purchasing has an unverified email because once you link it and verify it to your personal email address, it makes you the sole owner of the account. After you’ve verified the email, you can change your username and password at your pleasure. Keep in mind that no matter how smooth a transaction might seem or how legitimate the company you’re buying the account from is, if the account you’re buying has a verified email, there is always a chance you might get scammed.

Public reviews and positive feedback

It’s impossible to stress how important experience in any area of expertise is, and that logic applies to selling accounts as well. When you’re buying an account from a website, you should look out for public reviews that describe the buyer’s experience and whether that experience was satisfactory. Take your time to read the comments from the previous buyers, because they will give you an accurate perspective of the company you’re buying the account from. If the website you’re purchasing from has no public reviews or if they have a lot of bad ones, that’s a sign you should probably shop elsewhere.

Secure payment options

For some people, the most crucial aspect of every purchase is the safety of their finances and their personal information, which is completely understandable. In order to keep your money safe, there are a couple of safety measures you can take upon purchasing an account. Before going to checkout, you should look out for payment methods that ensure the safety of your money and your sensitive information.

These are some of the most common examples:

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • SEPA
  • Stripe
  • iDeal
  • Giropay
  • Crypto (BTC, Ethereum, etc.)
  • Venmo
  • Zelle
  • CashApp
  • PaySafe

All of the payment methods we’ve mentioned focus on buyer protection as they’re embedded with transaction encryption (crypto) or a money-back guarantee (PayPal goods and services). Keep in mind that we’ve only described some of the most popular secure payment options, there are many more country-specific payment options out there. Take your time and explore the channel you’re sending your money through before you’ve sent it. Last but not least, it’s recommendable to avoid websites that have very few payment options that protect the buyer or websites that deal in only direct credit card payments.

Active customer support and live chat

While it may be seemingly incidental, if you’re buying your account from a serious company, you should make sure that there is someone to help you out if you’re struggling with your transaction. Nothing feels worse than being abandoned in a situation where you’re paying someone for a service, especially online. Every account selling website ought to have a live chat you can refer to if something goes wrong or an active customer support mail you can write to if necessary.


The only logical reason you’d want to buy a League of Legends account is to keep one and to play on it for life, which is why it’s crucial to buy an account from a site that offers a warranty. Generally speaking, most smurfs are leveled through botting which is considered to be an illegal practice by Riot. Whenever you’re buying a botted smurf, there is a chance that Riot will spot the illegal botting activity in its history and ban the account immediately. That’s why you should make sure that the account you’re purchasing has a warranty, or you should look for handleveled accounts which have a 0% chance of being banned because of botting. Additionally, some account-selling websites offer account replacements and lifetime warranties, should your originally purchased account get banned, which is a bonus you should look out for.

Hacked eBay accounts

The final topic we’ll touch on is a massive warning for our readers regarding the incredibly cheap eBay accounts with lots of skins that you may have come across in the past. These accounts have unrealistically low prices with a lot of skins and they appear to be a lucrative purchase and a good deal. However, the reason why they’re so cheap is that they’ve been hacked into without the consent of their original owners and their email was verified in the past. Keep in mind that if you purchase one of these accounts, your ownership of that account has an expiry date, at least until the original owner finds out.