A few days ago, The Four Kings Casino and Slots was become available for everyone in the Microsoft Store for free! Even for Australian players, which is rare since Australian government is very strict in terms of gambling. Four Kings Casino is a conditional free project that anyone can download to the console. To play it online you don’t even need a Live Gold membership or Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

The Four Kings Casino and Slots offers players a wide variety of popular casino games ranging from dice and roulette to poker and slots. All games can be competed against real players. The game The Four Kings Casino and Slots on Xbox does not involve playing for real money. Players can find themselves in a virtual casino, where they will use virtual money, so this is more like a social interaction game.

As for the gameplay – you’ll start by making a customized 3D avatar which will represent you in the virtual environment of the game. As a result of in-game activities, you will get more items and clothes, as well as more prestige points, all this will help you to modify your avatar more deeply. Once you enter the gambling square, you will be able to take part in all popular types of casino games and gambling entertainment and compete for prizes with other people. In Four Kings you can chat and interact with other player, find new friends and just chillout by playing gambling games like in real gambling club. However, if you want to try real casino without leaving your home – you can play Australian casinos online in web browser of your Xbox!

Anyway, if you are fan of gambling and social interaction the Four Kings Casino is for you, especially when it became free to play – it costs you nothing to try it out.

And if you already played it, we have gathered few games like The Four Kings Casino and Slots:

  • Poker Master
  • Casino World
  • Gaminator Casino Slots – Play Slot Machines 777
  • Hoyle Casino 2004
  • Prominence Poker
  • Bimza Slots

All games mentioned above can be played via Xbox Series X|S.