Guild War 2, the end of dragons, is a very new and prolific game released on 28th February 2022. Being the latest block blaster to the MMORPG, it takes you to an entirely new era, back to the blissful land of Cantha after an in-game period of two centuries. It also adds to the first-time multiplayer mount in siege turtle, personal chest for unlocking more quests, fishing, and more.

It takes you back to return rift for an adventurous cart tour for a beautiful experience around the ruins of Cantha. It is ultimately a different adventure genre game from the casinos online. Go through the following article thoroughly to explore the exciting features and new content added to the game.

Cantha Features Four New Undiscovered Regions for the Players

The ruins of Cantha were the most beloved places by all the players, so keeping all their promises, they are not bringing some glimpses instead the whole part in the map. The famous Shing Jea island is the “harbor of peace and tranquility.”

New Kaineng City, which had a disastrous downfall to the Old Kaineng, part of the southern territory with a completely different look, is back in the game. It is dressed up with neon- lights and is more wrapped up with new technology.

The Ecovald Wilds is another old destination crafted into a completely new world with a dense forest of petrified trees and the people of Kurzick.

Lastly, the Jade Sea is the home to many mining operations for the Cantha empire. A very new version is expected, along with the touch of Harvest Temple and Unwaking Waters.

The Six New Elite Specializations

The nine new specializations being added are the most attractive part of the release.

  1. Virtuoso – The feature that sharpens the power of their mind into deadly poisoned blades.
  2. Harbinger – Someone who makes nasty kills and deviates from the topic by noxious and corrosive pistol bullets.
  3. Will bender – The master with a sword can have any severe cuts.
  4. Vindicator – The legendary negotiator talks out from hell and helps bring an alliance between two oppositions.
  5. Catalyst – The ancient master specialized in channeling element forces.
  6. Specter – The actual masters in shadow magic use their superpowers to shield the dark powers.

The Siege Turtle – the First Multiplayer Mode

The game introduces an entirely new format for multiplayer mode’s huge crazy player base. Its unique feature is triggered as the jade tech powers its main turret and its robust energy fence.

While the driver only controls the main turtle’s movement, the passenger will be in main control of the siege cannons and the complete ammo system of the artillery. Players will customize their turtle’s carrying amount, which is more meaningful in the higher leagues.

New Fun added of Fishing, Skiffs, and Jade Bots

Fishing is unlocked in the game’s early stages, and many new activities are unlocked about the seas. While talking about the jade bots, they include zip lines, utility devices, and glider boosts. The waterway skiffs are a lot of exciting features added in the game, which takes some achievement levels to get unlocked but can get unlocked in the early stages with some bonus added purchasable coins.

I hope this game has gained much interest in you to check this excitement on the Steam platform, which got released in February. It’s never late than never, so why don’t you install the game and get to the bottom of the adventure with the wild rift and other experiences. The game is, rest assured, worth a try for every gamer.