Zimbabwe is involved in many sports globally. From cricket to the African Cup of Nations, there are many sporting events that its teams take part in to compete. Even at the start of 2022, the cricket team has an official series with Sri Lanka, giving them a chance to qualify for the ODI series.

Zimbabwe hasn’t had a very long and exemplary career in cricket. But their team is ever improving, as was seen in the first series against Sri Lanka. It was only recently that the ICC (International Cricket Council) announced that Zimbabwe would be hosting the rescheduled qualifiers for the 2023 Cricket Men’s World Cup. These qualifying matches have been postponed due to Covid complications, but the dates have finally been fixed. Once the qualifiers are completed in Zimbabwe, the remaining team will relocate to India where the 2023 ODI world cup will be hosted.

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About the 2023 ODI Men’s qualifiers

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This qualifying series, for instance, has been slated to be held about 3 months before the teams move to India for the World Cup series. After rescheduling, the dates have been set from June 18th to July 9th. It will consist of 10 teams that will be competing for those spots for the world cup.

The main reason the ICC World Cup was shifted to October and November 2023 is to allow more time for teams to qualify for it. This provides ample opportunity for each team to have a sporting chance at being one of the 3 teams that qualify.

In terms of Zimbabwe sport, the team will be looking to have better fortune than what they faced in the last world cup. The Zimbabwe team played against the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which ended in a loss preventing them from moving on.

Alongside India, 7 other of the top Super League teams will be directly qualified to participate in the 2023 world cup. The bottom five teams (which are yet to be decided), will be playing against each other in the qualifying rounds to earn one of the three remaining spots for League 2 of the world cup.

As of now, Zimbabwe is still in the bottom half of the league. Based on current scores, the standings are as follows:

Top 5 teams

  • England – 95 points from 15 games
  • Bangladesh – 80 points from 12 games
  • Ireland – 68 points from 18 games
  • Sri Lanka – 62 points from 18 games
  • Australia – 60 points from 9 games

Bottom 5 teams

  • Pakistan – 40 points from 9 games
  • South Africa – 39 points from 10 games
  • Zimbabwe – 35 points from 12 games
  • New Zealand – 30 points from 3 games
  • Netherlands – 25 points from 5 games

Zimbabwe sport: ODI Women’s Qualifiers – 2022

Before the qualifiers for the Men’s 2023 world cup, the women’s qualifiers in 2022 will also be hosted in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe’s team “The Lady Chevrons” already played the ICC women’s T20 world cup which was held in Botswana last year (2021). The ICC then gave approval for Zimbabwe to host the women’s qualifiers.

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According to the Sunday Mail Zimbabwe sport, the coach of the women’s Zimbabwe team, Adam Chifo, is excited about the ICC’s decision as he believes it gives their team the home ground advantage. In the end, the team’s goal is to qualify for the World Cup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking forward to the World Cup 2023 qualifiers? Here are some of the common questions of yours answered.

What is Zimbabwe National Sport?

Sports have a long history in Zimbabwe, but the one that is most common and considered the national sport is Football. But that doesn’t mean cricket isn’t popular – it’s one of the most popular games in the country.

What is the most popular sport in Zimbabwe?

The most popular Zimbabwe sport – Soccer or Football.

Where will the 2023 Cricket World Cup be held?

The 2023 world cup will be hosted by India in various venues around the country

Has Zimbabwe qualified for the 2023 Cricket World Cup?

All countries are still competing to qualify for the world cup. The final roster will only be decided after the 2023 qualifiers held in Zimbabwe.

While the pandemic has changed how we look at sports, things might change soon. The next year might change things a bit. And if you’re looking to bet on your favorite matches during the World Cup, there is no better chance to do it than then.