Over the past couple of decades, and specifically in the 2010’s, gaming has become one of the most popular form of entertainment on the planet, with over 2.5 billion active video gamers around the world which is astonishing! Gaming comes in all sorts of formats and genres, and there is certainly a game out there for everyone to enjoy. However, there are always some games that stand out as the biggest releases of the year, some would call them the blockbuster games, due to their history in the gaming world, or usually the hype that us gamers have for them, and so today we look at some of the biggest games being released to our consoles within the next couple of months. 

As it is every year, the latest release from the Call of Duty series is always one of the most hyped about games of the calendar year. This year, Vanguard is rolling back the years to World War II and is the first time in which players in the campaign mode are relating back to real people from WWII whether these be British or American troops. Released in early November, Activision have ensured that they have made one of the best CoD releases in modern times and the idea that this throws gamers back to WWII is a tantalising thought to delve into this gameplay straight away. 

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Another first-person shooter that is releasing its latest episode in the series is that of Battlefield, and they have taken on a totally different aspect when it comes to themes of their games to CoD, and this game is called Battlefield 2042 and is gambling on, much like this nett-kasino.org, that players are wanting a futuristic aspect to their first-person shooter. Battlefield 2042 pushes gamers directly into the not-so-near future and will offer a range of game modes to play on, but Battlefield has always been famous for its large maps in which huge number of players can play together; this time 128 players which is insane. There are hundreds of different variants of game features, and certainly something in which we are looking forward to play on when Battlefield 2042 is released late November.

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And finally, another returning blockbuster game that is bringing out its final release in the series is Halo Infinite which as always, is exclusive to Microsoft Xbox for release. Developed by 343 Industries, this is the sixth release from the Halo project, which has been considerably successful and one of the main reasons as to why you would by an Xbox. The continuation of the story which follows Master Chief in locating the artificial intelligence known as the “The Weapon” to be able to determine the location of his former companion Cortana and end the threat from the enemies for good. Halo hasn’t released a game since back in 2015 so the hype for the game is through the roof and therefore fans are eager to get their hands on the Master Chief’s final episode. 

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