Real money games have long had a link to video games. The style has been taken on board, especially with games that use cluster game mechanics. It’s not taken long for video game licenses to move over to the world of real money gaming. So, let’s take a look at some of the most impressive titles out there at the moment, where you can play for real money.


Hitman is one of the biggest franchises in video games. While it’s perhaps not on the level of Sonic and Mario, it’s still right up there as a big name in gaming. That’s why the Hitman slot is such a well-received title. It allows players to enjoy some of the best features in gaming at the moment, and some really big real money wins. If this sounds like something that will grab your attention, then you can visit this site to play.

With the legal aspect of getting licenses very important, it’s good to see that this one has been done properly. It looks fantastic at every stage, and it is definitely a game that will appeal to all kinds of players across the board. 

Tomb Raider

What is there to be said about Tomb Raider? It’s had so many different reboots, that it has been seen by a number of different generations at this point. However, the real money version of Tomb Raider, is one of the best around. Actually, all of the different Tomb Raider slots are a lot of fun. 

What makes them so impressive, is that they use graphics from the actual games for the symbols. This definitely grabs the attention of fans of the original games from the start. Tomb Raider might not have had great releases on home consoles recently, but these real money slots have certainly helped to tap into the nostalgia that surrounds this iconic character.

Street Fighter II

What is there to say about Street Fighter II? It’s without a doubt the most iconic fighting game ever made. In fact, it brought the concept of fighting games to a much wider audience than ever before. Everything from Virtua Fighter to Tekken to Mortal Kombat, owes its success to Street Fighter II paving the way for them. That’s why it’s so good to see how incredible this real money slot is. 

Players are able to enjoy a huge range of different aspects of Street Fighter II in this slot. This covers everything from fighting against bosses to beating up the car for extra bonuses. This is without a doubt the finest example of moving a video game to real money slots that’s ever been made. When it comes to video games as real money slots, this is the game to beat. It will definitely take you back in time when you play it with incredible graphics, and great