Operating systems are essential because they allow users to interact with systems. There is no system without the operating system. The operating system is like the backbone that holds up the system. The three major operating systems are Linux, MAC, and Windows. 

The type of operating system a person uses is affected by popularity and preference. Many users also simply picked up their operating systems by default. After using a specific operating system for years, they find it difficult to switch to another.

 Windows is by far the most popular and has the largest user base. However, popularity doesn’t make an operating system the best. You can find out how other operating systems are superior to Windows. Many PCs come with Windows already installed. It is also the oldest operating system and many users use it by default.

It is followed by Mac OS which has a significantly smaller user base in comparison. Then the smallest group uses Linux which consists of approximately only 2% of the total number of users. 

Reasons Why Linux Is Better

  1. Cost 

The majority of the users only need operating systems for basic activities. This makes having to spend a lot of money on an operating system unnecessary. Unlike Windows and Mac, Linux is both free to download and free to use. The added advantage is that Linux is not substandard in comparison to Windows or Mac OS. It has many useful features and a broad number of applications that make it suitable for users. 

Normally Windows is quite costly to install and Mac is even more so. Mac and other Apple device users don’t need to install Mac OS because they are usually built-in. However, this isn’t a feature that comes cheaply.

  1. Security

Windows are usually the most prone to malware and security issues. This is mostly caused by its large user base. 

Mac OS is known to be a much safer user platform. However, it is still prone to malware. If you go here you can find VPN for Mac and improve your security. Virtual privacy networks (VPNs) are a good way to enhance security. Incorporating them ensures that all user data going onto and coming from the web is encrypted. This makes your devices less prone to attacks and malware 

Linux probably has the least risk of facing malware and other security issues. This is mostly because it is based on open-source. There is little run for those wanting to use backdoors.

  1. Open Source Codes 

On top of the freedom in terms of cost, another great aspect of Linux is the code it uses. Linux users don’t face the same risk of surveillance as Windows and Linux users. Windows and Mac OS is constantly eroding user privacy. This degrades trust. The level of privacy that Linux provides, is simply satisfying for users.

Some Linux distributions collect data, but these don’t infringe on privacy nearly as much as Windows and Mac.

  1. Stable Code Base

All operating systems are affected by bugs and glitches which in turn affect the quality of their services. However, in comparison to Windows and Mac, Linux is fairly stable. This is usually something that Linux users using Windows and Mac say. Normally the challenge with Linux comes in installation. Once the system has been installed it can be used with minimal effort or issues.

  1. Application Availability

A unique aspect of Linux is the access to many different applications it gives users. It covers a wide variety of software categories. It doesn’t have as many 

  1. Hardware 

Mac OS is usually exclusive to Apple computers. It comes already built-in and therefore users don’t need to spend extra to have it installed. It is almost impossible to install a Mac OS on a PC or laptop. However, there are ways in which someone can get a Mac OS installed on non-Apple devices. This is not an option that many people would like or prefer. It is a rather troublesome process that requires some level of expertise.

Linux is the most universally accepted operating system. It can be installed on any hardware and can even be installed on arm-based systems. A unique aspect of Linux is that it can be installed on a device that already had another operating system. It will still be installed even in the case where the hard drive hasn’t been formatted.

Wrapping It Up

Operating Systems are the backbone of computer systems and how they run. The different operating systems in existence, are all useful in their own right. Each has its unique strengths and each has weaknesses. When it comes to matters of cost-effectiveness, safety, and flexibility Linux would be the best option. However, it is the users that determine which operating system to use based on their preferences.