Xbox One owners will be glad to know that Microsoft products will allow them to play next-gen games through the Xbox Cloud Gaming Service, also known as xCloud. Microsoft released this excellent news in an official website post about the console. Cloud gaming is emerging as a new trend in the gaming world. Top casinos around the world offer members unmatched services like welcome bonuses and VIP programs. For instance, if you have your Hard Rock Atlantic City Promo Code, you can enjoy various online casino games. Microsoft acknowledges this trend and announced its plan to have its gaming service in a cloud for gamers owning the Xbox One. 

This is excellent news for gamers because it means that you can use your older hardware to run Xbox exclusive games X series S from 2021. Essentially, this extends the lifespan of the piece of hardware that would have been rendered extinct by the arrival of new Microsoft consoles.   

Microsoft has promised the millions of gamers using the Xbox One that it will provide details about how they can access the next-gen games. To date, Microsoft has only described xCloud on consoles as a way for gamers to test titles before they download them. However, it is evident that it sees the service as something more, including as a way of streaming games. 

In 2020, Microsoft revealed that the Flight Simulator is a title for Xbox One. But, it discreetly removed references before the launch. As a result, the simulator is only available on OpenXR, Series X/S, and PC via stream.

The latest announcement is promising, but it is still not clear when players will be able to stream games on the Xbox One. As things stand, it is doubtful that it will be ready in time for the launch of the “Flight Simulator” for the new Xbox in July. However, the company’s head of cloud, Kareem Choudhry, reiterated that xCloud would be integrated into consoles in 2021. 

Xbox One gamers will not enjoy the flight simulators only; the availability of xCloud is a welcome boost for older generation consoles. Particularly, as Microsoft is upgrading blade servers to run Xbox hardware series X, gamers with older video game consoles will be able to play upcoming titles like Forza Horizon 5 and Battlefield 2042. 

With the Xbox Series X and Series S units still hard to find, Xbox fans will find this new development very timely. Once implemented, players don’t have to worry much about missing out on the newest consoles from Microsoft. It is plausibly not a coincidence that the announcement came days after Microsoft revealed it was in the last stages of transitioning its Azure data centers to Xbox Series X hardware. 

The cloud streaming service was dependent on Xbox One S server blades since its beta launch. But, moving to Xbox Series X hardware will significantly reduce load times, enhance performance and visual fidelity and allow gamers to enjoy Xbox Series X-optimized versions of games. 

This new development is profitable to both the gamers and Microsoft. Gamers can enjoy their Xbox One’s extended life cycle. At the same time, Microsoft offers its Xbox One customers who are not planning to upgrade their consoles soon a convincing reason to maintain active subscriptions to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.