While the 2020 hell-year affected billions of people worldwide, it had one silver lining, as developers focused their energies more on creating incredible games. These great games offered an excellent diversion, helping people cope with the stress of remaining indoors and the worry of a pandemic. And now with 2020’s trouble almost in the rearview, we can start focusing on what’s next in the gaming world. 

Besides the VideoSlots Bonus Code that comes in handy for casino players, the 2021 games lineup is already looking great. Several serious heavy hitters have already hit the market in the first half of the year, with more set to follow in the coming months. But here are the games that most players will be looking forward to this summer.

  • Legend of Zelda – Skyward Sword HD

Nintendo has managed to remaster almost every title in the 3-D Zelda series at this point, but “Skyword Sword” remains the only significant outlier. The game first came to life in 2011 during the Wii twilight period, boasting a tight one-on-one control scheme using the Wiimote for directing sword combat. 

While the game became a major success, it famously forced a Nintendo reckoning and Zelda was put on ice until 2017 when the “Breath of the Wild” dramatically reimagined the franchise’s gameplay. However, there’s still an enthralled tract of Zelda enthusiasts who believe that the “Skyward Sword” didn’t get the attention it deserves. Fortunately, everyone will get to see what this game brings to Switch this July. 

  • Humankind

Since the early 90s, Sid Meier had a monopoly on this era-spanning strategy game. The game allows you to develop a nation-state spanning from the Bronze age all the way to the Space race, although that dogma will get a challenge this August after the release of the Civ-y Humankind. 

With the new title, Amplitude Studios will be trying to replicate the magic of their earlier title with scholastic world history. That will feature the most interesting storyline this summer, as their final content update welcomes the title in their indefinite slumber state. Fortunately, the game will be available on macOS and Windows PC starting from 17th August. 

  • No More Heroes 3

Since the game made its debut in 2007, “no More Heroes” has remained a bit controversial in some circles, with some players wondering whether it’s a good video game series. However, the game director, Suda51 has packed the gameplay with countless ridiculous cutscenes, bizarre easter eggs, and inane mini-games. As a result, “No More Heroes” has remained an unapologetically stupid title with lots of players rooting for its continuity. That said, many players hope that the new title will retain its indelible tone and eliminate the inefficiencies seen on the previous titles come August 27 – when the game is set to be available on Nintendo Switch. 

  • Deathloop

Developed by Arkane Studios – the same studio that brought you the “Dishonored and Prey”, Deathloop takes a storied pedigree to their sepia-toned Tarantino facsimile. The story features two assassins caught in an endless time loop. Real players can control both players, but one of the main characters is always trying to stop the other from accomplishing their mission. You can enjoy the game starting from 14th September on PlayStation 5 or Windows PC.