There is tremendous competition among online software developers for casinos. This has always been the case, but in recent years things were taken to the next level by top suppliers. Casinos compete for a shrinking market share and there are plenty of operators promoting their services. At the cornerstone of their collections there are software developers such as NetEnt helping them stand out from the crowd. This particular producer of slots enjoys an exceptional reputation and has a flawless track record.

The founding fathers of online slots

More than two decades ago when online casinos and sports betting sites first emerged, people had little confidence in their products. Well before live dealer games were available, software developers tried to convince players of trying online slots. NetEnt was a humble Scandinavian software developer with high expectations and a talented crew. Right from the start, they focus on delivering eye candy slots with immersive gameplay and a high return to player. This proved to be the recipe for success, as plenty of online casinos were quick to wholeheartedly embrace their games.

The unswerving commitment to excellence was one of the defining qualities for NetEnt. Being early to the party and having the resources and skills needed to thrive helped the company flourish. Microgaming were right from the start their biggest rivals, especially in the sensitive area of slots development. Today, these are the dominant forces in the online gambling landscape and the first choice for top suppliers. NetEnt has a slight edge when it comes to slots and it is widely regarded as the best game developer.

An original approach to slots

Online casinos have always struggled to maintain the players’ interest intact by delivering exciting new games. Slots are much appreciated by casual punters because of their simplicity, basic gameplay and total randomness. The downside is that software developers prefer to come up with games that only differ visually, without bringing anything new. Eventually, punters lose interest to slots and simply assume that new releases are simply visual upgrades to classic games

NetEnt was quick to realize this conundrum and came up with original slots. They channel their energy and resources into two directions, to create great looking and innovative slots. The solid gameplay was enhanced by original themes, with music inspired slots being a shining example. Guns ’n Roses, Jimi Hendrix and Motorhead are some of the most popular music themed slots recently released by them. They beautifully complement a collection that includes iconic games such as Starburst or Gonzo’s Quest.

The quality of a software developer specialized in online slots also depends on its selection of progressive jackpot games. NetEnt has some of the most popular and best paying slots with jackpots, usually shared across a network of casinos. They are the proud owners of some amazing records, as their progressive jackpot slots have paid out hundreds of millions of dollars over the years.