Hitting the big one – how do online jackpot games work?

One of the big draws that an online casino can boast in comparison to the land-based alternative is the diversity on offer in terms of games. Where slots are concerned, in particular, there can be hundreds, even a thousand or more titles to choose from. Of course, there are those who would argue that the real fun of the casino lies in the traditional table games. But there is one thing that slots can offer that blackjack or roulette cannot, and that is the outside chance to win a life-changing sum. 

This is exemplified by a special breed of slots that offer a progressive jackpot. Put simply, this is a prize pot to which a number of linked games contribute. The sum can rise into the millions, but someone has to win it eventually. The odds of doing so are on a par with hitting the winning Lotto numbers, but let’s find out how you can at least put yourself in the running. 

Choose the right game 

In a land-based casino, the progressive jackpot is linked to a set number of physical machines, and every time someone spins the reels, you see it increase. Online, it is a little different, and corresponds to a specific game. Of course, there could be hundreds of people playing it at any moment, and they all contribute to that prize pot. Each casino site has a range of jackpot games, but there are some that you will see almost everywhere, wherever you play in the world. For example, if you look at Norwegian site Norgesautomaten casino, and check out the jackpot games, you will see the likes of Wheel of Wishes and Mega Moolah. 

Bet to win 

Many seasoned casino goers like to spend most of their time on table games, and if they come out on top, they spend their winnings on a few spins of the jackpot reels. The reason they keep it brief is that laying down the maximum stake opens up more ways to win, for example with additional reels and paylines that are locked with lower wagers. It boosts the odds, but it rapidly depletes the bankroll, which is why it makes sense to keep it to a short, sharp shock. Only putting in “free money” that has been won in other games is an ideal strategy and means that whatever happens, you won’t come out a loser.  

Don’t lose your head 

This final point is really an extension of what we said above. Managing your bankroll and being strict about your loss limit policy is absolutely vital when you play jackpot slots. Don’t get sucked into the false logic of thinking that you are “due a win,” as every spin of the reels is an independent event and the game neither knows nor cares whether this is spin number one or spin number 1,001. In other words, keep it fun and only bet what you can afford to lose.