How to Make Money from Online Casino Bonuses

Most online casinos out there offer bonuses to new players. Some of those offers are fair, others are not. Sometimes, the bonus restrictions are just too strict to follow, and if you can’t, the casino will withdraw its bonus money from your account. But as soon as you’ve found a fair offer, which can be a casino sign-up bonus or even a welcome bonus without registration, you have a variety of possibilities: First, you can check out the platform’s selection of games and play without putting a high amount of money at risk. Also, you can figure out how the casino treats players and how it handles questions by getting in touch with customer support. But moreover, you can even make money with casino bonuses by exploiting them – as long as probability calculation sets in as expected.

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Why Do Online Casinos Offer Bonuses?

A new player can benefit from a casino bonus. But why would a casino want to give away money instead of just asking for more? Doesn’t that collide with business acumen? The simple answer is no. A welcome bonus is a marketing tool, which helps casinos lure potential customers into signing up with them. The personal inhibition threshold is easier to overcome if a special offer multiplies your deposit. Also, most people love discounts, cashback, or other offers in general because they seem like a great possibility to try something new without going all in. But there is another reason for online casinos to grant great bet bonuses: mathematics. Probability calculation says that the chances of winning money at a casino are a lot higher at the very beginning for about 100 bets. Online casinos hope that new players will enjoy the rush of winning and invest more after the bonus has been used. That is when – mathematically – the coin flips and the stroke of luck comes to an end. Most players don’t want to give up, but to re-experience the joy of winning, they’ll invest more money. And that is when the casino starts to financially benefit from the granted new-players bonus. Special promotions for existing customers are supposed to keep them coming back.

How Do Online Casino Bonuses Work?

Most bonuses consist of a deposit multiplier. That means that you’ll have to deposit a certain amount to receive 100 %, 200 %, or even more as an extra from the casino. That means that you can bet a lot more than you initially paid in, which elevates your chances of winning. Be aware of the bonus stipulations, though, as many bonuses need to be turned over 35x or even more so as not to be pulled back. Some welcome bonuses also include free spins for volatile slot games.

Here’s How You Can Exploit Casino Offers

If you keep in mind what probability calculation says about casino bonuses, you may already know what to do to exploit that bonus: By using the welcome bonus you multiply the credit balance in your player account. If luck is on your side, you can gamble away the equivalent of that balance and benefit from your winnings. If everything goes well, you win money without having taken any risk. But note, that probability does not equal reality by definition: Chances are good that you manage to exploit the offers, but odds can play you wrong. In that case, you might lose the bonus.

Where You Can Find the Best Online Casino Bonuses

As mentioned before, there are massive differences between the quality of bonuses out there. To find the best online casino offers, you should look for platforms that offer you a Netent Casino experience. The software provider Netent has been attested with great mathematical fairness implemented by realistic RNGs, which cannot be manipulated. Netent games are fun, too, which makes them a safe bet in that aspect.