Playing casino games via mobile platforms is becoming increasingly popular. There are many reasons – the advancement of technology has enabled a quality display in the size of the palm of your hand, the speed of the Internet has made participation in real-time, while the autonomy of the device gives the opportunity to play anytime and anywhere.

It is therefore quite obvious why mobile casino apps and mobile-friendly websites are the dominant platforms for gambling. In the whole story, it remains to be seen how to easily and securely transfer money for payment or receive it at the time of payment.

Good Old Days

…Take the “old” from the title with a reservation. The poor, slow internet connection was constantly crashing and the screens modest in size and display were unsuitable for any online gaming. 

The offer of games also suffered because no one had an excessive interest in developing mobile applications that only a few will use.

Fight Against Fraud

The goal of every casino website is to give users an insight into the best games. At the same time, the highest quality and most secure payment methods are guaranteed, which is of vital importance when handling money on the Internet. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to keep such a system under control.

Unfortunately, wherever there is an opportunity to make money, criminal elements will also appear; there are still fresh memories of fraud through just such sites. But it should be said that online gambling is no different from any other business that takes place via the Internet and bases its battle against fraud on the same principles.

Thanks to the efforts of many casino reviewing websites, each individual application has been tested in all its segments, with a guaranteed superior gaming experience. At the same time, little things like HD display are just the icing on the cake.

How to Pay for a Service in a Safe Way

In order to attract players at all, they need to feel safe while gambling, i.e. provided with a secure and reliable payment method. There are already well-established, well-known payment methods that people recognize and use. They are usually clearly displayed on each casino page that allows the transfer of money so that users are immediately informed that the game will be uninterrupted and payment will be completely secure. 

Among them, the most used payment methods are e-wallet, credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, or prepaid cards that can be purchased throughout Europe.

Mobile Casino Payment via Phone Bill

In addition to the above, there is another, increasingly popular option: paying the casino by phone bill. In this way, you make a deposit to your mobile gambling application, which makes playing much easier: you do not need to have bank accounts and associated cards such as Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal.

To enable this service, you need to look for a mobile casino with a prominent Boku logo. It is an official provider backed by PayForIt, which is a service for doing money transactions via the Internet, developed by mobile telecom operators. Simply put, they have developed their own service so they do not have to pay for this to big services like PayPal.

How the Whole Thing Works

Boku allows you to make a deposit to the mobile application via a phone bill, something similar to when you make a call. It does not matter if you are contractually bound to the operator or if you use the voucher service.

Boku makes the payment by charging your mobile service provider for exactly the amount you specified; it then forwards the specified amount to your account or phone voucher.

It is worth noting that Boku uses sophisticated billing technology similar to SMS (it is, in fact, the evolutionary successor of the same). Simply put, you send a message with the amount you want to spend in some of the TOP Boku online casinos during the game, and the casino then charges the specified figure from your account.

Who Can Use Boku

Everyone can use Boku. You can pay with it via mobile phone, tablet, computer, Smart TV, or any other device that has an Internet connection.

Setting up Boku is also very simple and takes about 10 seconds. Here is a brief overview:

  • Within the application, go to the payment section and select “Mobile payment”.
  • Enter the phone number from which you want to pay for the service.
  • You will receive an authentication text message, to which you reply with a “Y” (without quotes) to confirm payment.
  • At that point, the amount is approved and you are free to gamble through the app of your choice.
  • The billing is current and will appear in your account within the app.
  • The amount will be deducted from your voucher or charged to the next account, depending on which option you use.
  • Let us mention that the service can also be used by certain users of landline phones but this only applies to a very small number of countries.

Where to Gamble

Our recommendation is to gamble at large bookmakers and casinos where the odds and stakes are usually much higher than at smaller local bookmakers/casinos for both sports betting and gambling. In addition, most have bonuses for new players.