Final Fantasy (FF) is one of the most popular RPGs of all time, and its summons such as Bahamut are so cool that online game players have become addicted to the summons, the first Bahamut, and Leviathan.

When I played “FFIII” for the first time, the impact of the summoned beasts was tremendous, and the coolness of Bahamut, Leviathan and Odin is one of its charms.

Summoned beasts have appeared since “FFIII”. I was very excited when I first summoned the summoned beasts I had acquired. However, it takes a long time to fight if you have to watch the performance every time, so many people only watch the beginning and skip the rest if the game has a skip function.

The appeal of MORPG FF.

In FF, which has had great success with MOPRG, you can enjoy the exhilaration of large damage numbers. In FF, the higher the level, the more damage inflation occurs, and “9999” damage can easily appear, making for exhilarating combat. Some people may have the impression that “FF” has one different order of magnitude for damage dealt in battle. In “FF”, if you play the game normally, you will be able to deal four-digit damage and feel a great sense of accomplishment.

The protagonist is realistic.

The protagonist of “FF” often speaks during in-game events, and the conversations can be long, which is why players are attracted to the game as it feels like watching a movie. The talking protagonist of “FF” brings out the character’s personality and allows players to put their emotions into the game.

The main character of “FF” has his own will and purpose,  and speaks in his own language. If you want to see yourself into the main character and enjoy the story as if you were watching a movie, this is the game for you.

The battle scenes are elaborate.

The battle scenes in “FF” where the characters face the enemy and slash at them and the side-view battle scenes in “FF” are still popular today. The battle scenes in RPGs are one of the most important elements. Traditionally in “FF”, the side view is the scene where the character and monster are facing each other, and this was the format until “FFVI”. The direction of the attack with a weapon has attracted a great deal of attention. This has been around since the days of the family computer, but it makes it easy to visually see that you are “attacking” and makes for a fun battle to watch.

What kind of Online games will be popular in Japan 2021?

In addition to masterpieces such as FF, RPG-based real money casinos are gaining popularity in Japan. リアルマネーカジノ (Real money casino) are in Japan now attracting the attention of many online game players who are looking for a more realistic experience from their video games and are turning to RPG online casinos.

In Japan, the number of RPG-based casino games is expected to continue to increase, and attention is focused on the difference between casino games where players receive cash prizes and video games that are enjoyed virtually.