Mobile casino apps have been innovative for some time and the trend is continuing now that online gaming and gambling has grown so fast in the last year or so. Here we look at some of the innovative features of the mobile casino apps in use today and what can be possible as the technology continues to evolve. 

Use of Virtual Reality (VR) 

Both Virtual and augmented reality are major innovations in the gambling industry. By using VR glasses or headsets, the audio-visual experience is much more interactive. The sounds of the dice being rolled or the cards being flipped makes for an immersive experience at places like the Miami Club Casino whilst players are also able to actively participate in the game and interact with other players during the game through the use of customisable avatars and live streaming on a range gaming devices from laptops or PC as well as game consoles. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Artificial Intelligence is part of daily life for many of us. Google and other search engines depend on Artificial Intelligence to choose the advertisements we receive and other personalised services. Mobile casino sites use AI chatbots to provide customer support to players which is efficient and cost-effective without compromising quality. Further innovations in AI are expected to be incorporated into mobile casino apps, providing dramatic improvement in the future. 

Cloud Gaming 

In the last couple of years, cloud gaming services have let players access games without the need to download an app on their mobile devices. Instead, the game is stored on the Internet from where it is streamed in a fast and smooth manner because it does not rely on the player having the best device. This means that high-end games are not only cheaper to access but it also offers simpler gaming. 

Cryptocurrency casinos 

Many online casinos are now accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as a payment method. This means players can play safely anywhere in the world since their privacy is guaranteed. The use of the blockchain technology that creates the records of all transactions paid for with digital currency means that personal data is not accessible to anyone, including cybercriminals. 

Improved security

Facial recognition safety systems have been championed in the casino sector, stamping out fraud and other crimes.  Whilst not yet universally available at online casinos, this is an innovative feature that is likely to become mainstream in the not too distant future. 

Meanwhile, the casino industry has cybersecurity as one of its highest priorities. The use of a player’s fingerprint to access a mobile makes this a far more secure device than a desktop device since another person needs not only your password but also your fingerprint to access your account. 

Unique bonuses for mobile casino players

Online casinos will offer bonuses to new players, but also to players they consider to be loyal or VIPs.  What is unusual is that there may be a difference in the bonuses you are eligible for depending on whether you play on a PC or via a mobile device like a tablet or smartphone which may offer more lucrative rewards. This is just one of the important things to know before using online casino bonuses. In addition, it is worth checking the requirements to clear the bonuses as they may differ depending on the device you use for play.  This allows you to customise your own casino experience. 

5G technology 

The introduction of 5G has made communications much faster. This faster network has helped improve displays and given faster responses in play that older networks are unable to do.  5G is also helpful in streaming games as well as playing 3D games with VR or AR as there is no issue with the speed of the connection. 

5G has also allowed mobile casino games developers to create immersive play where players can take control of the action by either tapping the screen, swiping, or even shaking the phone. This creates a much more intense connection which is an important factor in enjoying the games.

Live-Play Mobile Casino 

An online live casino provides the atmosphere of being in a brick-and-mortar casino, with human dealers running the games in real-time, giving players a similar experience to a regular casino. The service is constantly improved thanks to the data processed by AI, making mobile casino not only easier to use but also more entertaining.