When the summer ends and fall is on the horizon, it’s always an exciting time for us Call of Duty fans as it means that their new release is nearly due. Even more exciting, it’s been revealed that this year’s game is going to be set in the Cold War era in which the Americans and the Soviet Union were hard at war, and we are fully expecting Activision to capture this in the perfect way. 



The single-player campaign this year, as said above, its based on the Cold War, a historical and political war in which sees the introduction for the first time in a CoD series that a real life figure is in it, President Reagan, who activates the Black Ops team including Woods and Mason from previous series to try and neutralise the threat of the Russians on a top-secret mission. “These conspiracy theories almost develop a life of their own, and in some ways, that allows us to add an edge of excitement to our fiction or narrative,” said Dan Bunting, co-head at Treyarch. “And that was a big part of what we wanted to capture in this game, the zeitgeist of not only the original ‘Black Ops’ but in the Cold War era, but also things that are happening today and making it relevant.”



The ever-popular Warzone mode will be returning for the first time on a new CoD which will be exciting for fans to see it on a different map. Warzone was released at the beginning of March in which saw incredible numbers sign up and play through the lockdown due to limited other ways of entertaining yourself when house bound.  casinos not on gamstop have also been experiencing higher number of punter on their sites which is unexpected due to the limited number of sporting events on during the pandemic; but they’ve come out and said that it must be down to their virtual sports and esports market as they have boosted their numbers through the roof and that trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down now sport is back.

The best news that we have received on the new and coming game is that it is not onl;y just cross-platform compatible as per old versions of CoD, but also generational-compatible meaning that PS5 will still be able to play with PS4 – an incredible feature!