A Beginner’s Guide to World of Warcraft 

If you are starting an online gambling adventure, experts advise you to find the best bonus offer for new players at https://slovakia-bonusesfinder.com/online-casinos/. That allows you to try different casino games and increases the odds of winning from the very beginning. You can apply the same approach to the World of Warcraft. Those who plan on entering the WoW world should take the steps required to get their adventure to the right track immediately. Here are some beginner tips that you should know when playing this MMO.

Start with a Free Trial

Following the latest World of Warcraft news could help you to learn about new servers and items added to the game. In the beginning, WoW has two options – playing for free or purchasing a premium subscription. The free version allows you to progress until level 20 while performing quests and exploring the vast WoW world.

The reason why you shouldn’t rush with buying the subscription is to be secure whether the game meets your expectations. While it is among the most popular MMOs in the world, the only way to guarantee it suits your taste is to try it.

Pick a Real Carefully

Once you sign up for the World of Warcraft, it is time to pick the desired realm. It can be a huge decision for a newbie because you have four options available:

  • Normal – it is an excellent choice for those who want to explore Azeroth without disruptions. This is an excellent choice for newbies, especially if you don’t have a lot of MMO experience.
  • PvP – this realm adds the option of battling with other players while exploring the world.
  • RP – it is an abbreviation for role-playing, but please note that this is not a mandatory option on these servers.
  • RP PvP – these realms combine role-playing with combats between players, and might be the right choice for hardcore MMO fans.

If you appreciate the idea of battling other players, go with the latter options. However, if you would like to explore Azeroth on your own, pick the Normal realm.

How to Craft Your Character

The next big challenge a WoW beginner faces is creating their character. You want to pick the faction, which will determine whether you will be presented as an Alliance or Horde. The race will determine the character’s appearance and unique abilities.

If you go with a dwarf, you will be more resistant to diseases, poisons, and bleeds since there is an armour bonus. You will find that other races have useful characteristics, too. That is why you want to take some time to assess your options carefully. Think about the desired playing style, and pick a set of abilities accordingly.

Read the Objectives

World of Warcraft offers various quests to all players – these are necessarily missions with tasks to complete. Before you head on a quest, the screen will show the instructions. Make sure to read them carefully to learn the details since that will shorten the time required to complete the objectives.

You can check out the mini-map to find the location where you should look for a particular enemy. If you play the Classic version, the mini-map version won’t be available. It is a feature that was added in recent years to assist new players in getting comfortable with the game quickly. Always remember that you can ask other players for help in the Chat.

Don’t Rush with Spending Your Gold

Gold is a scarce resource in WoW, especially at the later points in the game. That is why you shouldn’t rush with spending it. Instead, feel free to explore Azeroth to learn what gear is the most useful for your character and playing style. Some equipment could be earned by completing quests, and there is no point in buying it. Focus on rare items that are capable of benefiting your character.

Here is a bonus tip from expert players – WoW is a multiplayer online RPG, which means it was designed to play with others. That is why you shouldn’t hesitate to talk and join with others. It is the community aspect that makes the modern World of Warcraft special.