The Internet is filled with hundreds of online casinos. And since the online gambling market is booming, the service providers are trying everything to get new customers on their platforms. Offering a lot of bonuses and incentives are some of them. Well, using a casino bonus is beneficial for a player but he/she should also look into the fact that such casino bonuses are anchored with several catch and conditions. On the other hand, there are also some fraud and fake casinos that offer some luring bonuses and they end up looting the customers. So, we have summarized some crucial things to consider while using casino bonuses. 

Check Terms and Conditions

All the bonuses offered by the online casino come conditions and such conditions may vary at every online casino.  For instance, some online casinos only require a low minimum deposit to use a bonus, other providers have to play through the bonus amount many times before the bonus can actually be redeemed. If the money is lost in the game, the bonus is void. Since the reference to playing through the sum before the payout is usually only found in the small print, players are unfairly tempted to wager. So, players need to keep in mind about the wagering requirements and the other terms to use such bonuses.


Every bonus has a different validity period. This is also not clear to every player from the start, especially since there is often a lack of transparency. Some bonuses can only be redeemed up to a certain point in time, usually 24 hours up to a week. Anyone who receives a bonus should, therefore, keep an eye on whether the bonus has an expiry date and until when the bonus is valid.

Free Spins Instead of Cash Gifts

While high promises of money in terms of bonuses in online casinos should be treated with caution, free spins are a good alternative. Free spins make it possible to play for real money but without your own stake. This means that the players do not take any additional risk, but they have every chance of winning or even the jackpot.

There Are More Bonuses Than Just A Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus seems particularly promising, but the better prizes and bonuses often wait on a small scale. In addition to the bonuses for registration and deposit, there are other bonus offers for players in the online casino. We have listed the most important ones.

Refer A Friend

Most of the online casinos want to promote their platforms and that is why such affiliate marketing bonuses work properly. A player suggests his/her a friend for an online casino and they both can look forward to generous bonuses. Online casinos are always on the lookout for new players and rewarding their members who help make the site more popular. To use such bonus, players should know which of their friends might actually be interested in playing in the online casino

Mobile App Bonus

Most of the online casinos now promoting their casino apps as with them, players can play casino games on the go. So, downloading the app of the respective casino can lead to earning more rewards and bonuses. Such bonuses are distinctive from the casino sites.

Loyalty Points

Casino bonuses are not only for the new players. Old and regular players can be rewarded with various incentives and offers known as loyalty points. This offer doesn’t have to do with for how many years you are using a particular casino site or app but how frequent you play there.