There has been a rapid rise in the number of people betting on eSports and that has seen more money go into the industry, as well as more people take an interest.

eSports are on the rise, and some of that is down to them attracting new fans themselves, but there is little doubt that bookmakers are also helping with this.

The service on offer for those who want to bet on eSports has never been as strong as it is now with more events covered, more ways to bet and even live streaming of the events available.

With this kind of betting platform available, bookmakers will keep boosting the eSports industry with new fans, as more are going to be using their service.

Increased Coverage of eSports

The titles that are the biggest in the eSports industry are seeing a boost thanks to the increased coverage of eSports by bookmakers. Games such as Dota2 are constantly being played and still being bought by fans after watching the experts play them so well in eSports battles.

Gone are the days when bookmakers used to only cover the big events, we now have almost daily action available for those who want to watch and bet on eSports.

In terms of this being a gambling proposition, this is what was needed to make that a reality. No one wants to be betting on a sport that has events available every few weeks, people want to bet on something that is available on a regular basis.

The more action available, the more likely people are going to turn to eSports as a full-time gambling option rather than a casual one.

Live Streaming and Betting Available via Bookmakers

The bookmakers that offer the biggest eSports service provide the ability for players to bet during games, and also watch the action.

The bookmakers on home page are some of the biggest names in betting and these are leading the way with eSports betting.

Those who are betting on the matches and then watching via live streams are the key customers for the eSports industry. By showing this much attention, they are more likely to be turned into genuine eSports fans of the future.

Having the ability to live stream events and offer live betting is something that the bookmakers use to get more people betting. However, it is also a huge positive for the eSports industry, it gets their events and their name out in front of even more people, and potentially new fans.

Live betting has transformed the betting industry over the past five years, but it also pays dividends for the sports that are streamed, potentially bringing in new fans.

What Does the Future Hold?

Both the gambling industry and the eSports industry should be looking forward to their future relationship. We are likely to see them working closer together, and we have seen that this will benefit them both, it isn’t a one-way street.

We are unlikely to see the Fortnite World Cup ever become anything like the Football World Cup but increased interest and a potential TV deal could be on the horizon.

The bookmakers that are profiting from eSports betting may be inclined to sponsor a big event, in the hope of attracting further customers to bet with them.

Any money that does get pumped into eSports from the betting industry will be greatly received. It will also be a sign that these two industries are planning a lot more work in the future, something that should be mutually beneficial.