MMORPGs are essentially built on gambling. That’s why they are so popular. These bold words caused something of a stir on Reddit last year, and were prompted by one user taking a step back and looking at the main drivers behind this sort of game. His conclusion was that the whole nature of loot boxes can be compared with a spin on the roulette wheel or the turn of a card in that players keep playing in the hope of generating rewards. 

In some games, however, the gambling links are even more tangible, as MMORPGs have leveraged the growing popularity of casino games and adopted them into mini-games within their own universes. Be under no illusion, you are not going to get rich in Asheron’s Dens of Iniquity or by cow-tipping in Dragon’s Tale. If that’s your objective, you’re better off sticking to a trusted service like CasinoBlox and using it to find a properly regulated casino site. But treat them as a fun way to earn or burn in-game currency, and these MMORPG games within games will deliver.

Dragon’s Tale Online

When eGenesis launched this game in 2013, it was something of a media sensation. It was loudly announced as the world’s first MMORP casino – and what’s more, it was powered entirely by Bitcoin, which at the time, was on its meteoric rise.

The hype might have died down in the intervening seven years, but Dragon’s Tale is a game that continues to forge its own path. Yes, its mini-games all have some gambling element, but you won’t find countless variations on roulette and three-card draw. Instead, you are propelled into a world of cow-tipping, beetle racing, competitive mining and more. 

Asheron’s Call

One for the purists, Asheron’s Call was first released more than 20 years ago and gained a loyal following in its 17-year run. Two years in, the Reign of Stone update brought the concept of gambling to the lands of Dereth in the shape of Dens of Iniquity.

These are, to all intents and purposes, in-game casinos, and there is one located in each of the three starter towns. They work in much the same way as any real-world casino in that you buy gambling chips representing low, medium or high stakes, then explore the gambling hall and try your luck at a choice of games.

EVE Online

The annual Guardian’s Gala event always gets plenty of players online in this space-based MMORPG from CCP Games. In past years, the main focus was on blowing away assorted NPCs, but last year, completing special challenges allowed gamers to purchase Lootboxes at a reduced price.

Naturally, this reopened the gambling controversy and discussion that has always surrounded this game. But from a pragmatic point of view, a Lootbox is nothing when the game also offers regular lottery events, poker tournaments and the chance to bet on in-game events. In short, EVE Online is a dream game for gambling enthusiasts. 

World of Warcraft

Finally, let’s turn our attention to the elephant in the room. World of Warcraft is the highest grossing MMORPG ever and has gathered hundreds of millions of registered users since first being released in 2014. With so many users, the concept of it being a world of its own takes on new meaning, and it has casino games and also people to promote them, a little like affiliates in the real world.

Fancy becoming the next Steve Wynn? All you have to do is set up in a well-populated town and advertise your event. It’s typically a craps-type game that challenges players to make a certain total or more in a set number of rolls. Like in a real casino, the house always wins in the long term, so this is one of the better ways to increase your virtual wealth. Just be sure to play fair, and the gamers will keep coming back for more. 


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