Technology continues to defy expectations with each year bringing in something new and exciting. The turn of the decade has led to particular excitement as the chance to really hammer home a product or develop something completely unique continues to motivate inventors and companies. Here is why technology will have an awesome year in 2020.

5G connectivity

3G and 4G have been around for years, but only recently has 5G been revealed to data users. A faster internet speed, reduced latency and higher-capacity browsing are just a few of the additional benefits for 5G users. For mobile and betting buffs, 5G has you covered. Playing games like online bingo or simply scrolling through social media can be done seamlessly either out or at home with the number of devices that can be supported hitting new heights.

New possibilities will be created as 5G gives gamers, gamblers and just social media enthusiasts a greater opportunity to expand their horizons. 

Green is the way forward

Climate change is becoming a major problem for countries as potentially irreversible damages continue to plague the world. New developments in the shape of paper straws, renewable electricity and reusable shopping bags have been lauded for their attempts at lowering the carbon footprint.

The action of famous stars such as David Attenborough and the band Coldplay – who have refused to tour due to the less-than-impressive fuel economy of flights – has brought the climate emergency further to prominence. 

And, if the rumours that eco-warrior Greta Thunberg could be in the running for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2020 are true, then green will certainly be thrust into the limelight even more this year.

By combining the Internet of Things (IoT), huge data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, monitoring and measuring consumption and reducing demand will almost certainly be made easier. Then, carbon footprints can too be reduced significantly whilst simultaneously cutting costs and creating brand new streams of revenue.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Integration

As a business, it’s imperative to put the customer first. Chatbots have been able to improve customer engagement and provide customers with a more personalized experience. But, the opportunities are endless; imagine a smart device that can understand the nuances of language, even sarcasm.

With an understanding of the true meaning of words, an enhanced degree of functionality will reign which businesses will do nothing but benefit from.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is hardly new, but it is taking on a new, more influential dimension in the way it is being used.

Though computers are already capable of mimicking a human at breakneck speeds due to the terrific amount of data available, 2020 will see machines go even further.

At present, tasks like facial recognition and speech commands need humans to control the AI in case they malfunction. AI is heading in such a direction that this control will no longer be necessary. As 2020 rolls on, AI will permeate all aspects of our lives even further, whether education, shopping, gambling or business.

Internet of Things

Though, on the face of it, the Internet of Things may seem like a complicated concept, it really isn’t. It has enabled systems like Alexa to function through Smart Home technology. This Smart Home technology will have advanced features and be more greatly integrated as IoT flexes its muscles.