There are so many casino games to be played and so many winnings as well as losses. It is two sides of a coin. Of course, no gamer will want to be on the losing side of the coin. The question that many gamers ask is, are there casino games that are beatable and how to beat these games and win? 

The truth is, all games are not that straightforward even for an expert of advantage play in the game. Notwithstanding, there are games that you can approach in such a way that you will stand a good chance of gaining advantage to boost your chance of winning. 

You must be careful though, the concepts about to be revealed here take lots of practice to master. Even though it looks simple, it is nevertheless, complex to carry out.

The Top Five Games


One of the games we are going to talk about is Craps. You need to dedicate lots of time to master the techniques and have the big financial muscle to invest in training. The strategy to master here for advantage play here is to float the dice to border the back wall. This is to make it land the way you want. Most times you try to make them land in a way that reduces how many times a dice combination will total seven. 

There is another strategy you can practice and that is partnering up. This way you can have your partner bet on the Pass line while you bet on the Don’t Pass line. In doing so, the bets will compensate one another 35 times in 36 times in total. This strategy leads to a negative expectation game. However, the loss is covered through comp points and with very few £ pounds you can try it online at, which will be a good way to test your skills.   

You can also use a method of throwing the dice in such a manner that 5 numbers are taken out of the game in one dice. After which you place your bet consequently. It should be noted again that all these take a considerable amount of practice to implement. 


For a game as notorious as the slot machines, gamers fear this game infamously call the one arm bandit. The win percentage of the game is not encouraging either with just 1 percent of the gamers reporting winnings. However, there are some ways to gain “advantage play” in this game. 

There are what we call triple point days where casinos offer gamers the chance to play with three times the normal playing points. This will give you three times the comp value than you will normally earn, which makes this a good day to gain advantage play. 

Another method to use is to give yourself the maximum chance of winning by visiting your jurisdiction website for gaming regulation and locate the slot machine with the slackest hold percentage. Once located, you can then play such a machine. 

Most times you will find casinos giving gamers free money. You can go into the game using the money granted by the casino to play the slot machine. 


There is more than one way to win at this game, and the easiest way is to try the compensating technique discussed earlier in craps. Applying that to roulette will see you and your partner acquire loss of an average of 19 of 36 spins, 1 of 18 spins and 2 of 36 spins. That is provided you both bet opposing each other with one betting in black and the other in red. This also is negative betting, however, this is offset by the acquired points in comp value. 

Another strategy to use in roulette is prediction but to be honest, it is hard to master. Besides, you will need to invest big in getting a roulette wheel for proper training. Victorious gamers have always had to account for many details on their way to victories. By utilizing these strategies and perfecting them combined with your knowledge of the roulette odds, you are on your way to profits.


Blackjack is probably one of the most popular card counting games out there and also the best game to beat a casino at. Some old strategies used before that can still be used today are shuffle tracking. However, casinos are fighting this strategy by making shuffles more difficult. Shuffle tracking follows key card sequence to calculate the time an Ace will come forth. 

Although rare, the hole carding is another route to winning blackjack. It is a highly technical process of deciding the down card with the dealer. This reason this is rare to come by is that you only get to see it in just 1 out of 80 dealers. Furthermore, to make things more difficult, you are trying to establish the exact card as most times you only get to see the specks on the cards. After that, you will need to come up with an optimum strategy through card narrowing. With card narrowing, you are trying to figure out if the card is a 10 or not, 6 or 9, etc.


You probably have seen a game where a nice looking lady stands by a big wheel, yes that one. That is the Big Six Wheel. It is played by waiting for the wheel to stop at your bet to win the game. To gain advantage play in this game you will need to multiply the average number of wheel spin. You will then place your bet on the value of wherever the wheel is likely to stop next to out of the two 40 to one long shot.


Mastering the techniques to help you gain advantage play is not a day job. However, with the right effort and heart, you can reap significant rewards in the end. This article is only meant to give you the push and serve as an eye-opener to ways you can win casinos at their game. The right dose of patience and perseverance will see you master the art in no time.