Whether you’re in middle school, high school or college, essay writing is a huge part of your educational path. Because essays are meant to show your personality, interests, and writing skills, teachers love to assign this kind of task. The good thing is that, in many cases, you’re only given general instructions, so you’re allowed to choose your topic. If you have to write about something, why not write about your favorite things? Like video games.

Find the Best Essay Writing Topic         


For most people, writing is daunting. That’s why when choosing your topic, think about something that you really love and are always excited about. For example, everyone likes to play video games and writing about your favorite video game can be a rewarding and interesting challenge.

If you’re not convinced that video games can make great topics for a paper, you can browse some free examples online. Reputable platforms like studymoose.com provide free essays that can serve as inspiration and model for your assignment. Learn how to start an essay by example.

What’s Your Favorite Video Game?

Before the actual process of writing, you must know exactly what you want to put on paper. What’s your favorite video game, and what makes it so appealing to you? Is it the complex storyline, the diversity of characters, or its universe? Make a list of your favorite features and think how those relate to other aspects of your personality or life.

This part of the process coincides with the brainstorming stage, where you, as an essay writer, explore potential aspects that you could approach. At this level, it’s best to jot down everything that comes to mind regarding your favorite video game. This is when you seek connections, patterns, and arguments.

Write About Your Favorite Video Game

Now that you’ve settled on a topic, you must focus on the writing process. Even when your topic is your favorite video game, writing an essay is still challenging. While for some people, writing flows like a stream, others cannot write without planning in advance.

Some students agree that putting down the first sentence is the hardest part of essay writing.  This is a list of steps to help you tackle your essay writing task with confidence. They will help you find your writing rhythm as quickly as possible and make your ideas shine on the page.

How to Write An Essay

Develop a Thesis

The answer to how to start an essay is not putting down in writing all your ideas as they come to you. You’ve done that already in the brainstorming stage, and at this level, this will leave you with many disjointed paragraphs that lead nowhere.

A professional essay writer knows that an excellent paper must make a point, so develop a solid thesis at the beginning. The thesis can be one sentence that explains why you chose to refer to that specific video game.

Create an Outline for Your Essay

Once you’ve established the main thesis, you can create a basic outline where you make a list of the most powerful arguments and ideas. A good essay writer avoids meandering off his topic, so you must keep yourself in check by creating a good outline and then follow it accordingly.

The outline is instrumental if you want a well-organized paper with logical and precise arguments.  Additionally, the outline relieves you of a lot of pressure as you start writing because you will know exactly what each paragraph of your essay should contain.

Write the Main Body

With a good outline in your hands, you can start developing the paragraphs of the paper. If you followed all the steps correctly, this should go fairly easy. Don’t push too many ideas in a single paragraph because that will affect the flow of your essay and confuse the reader.

While filling in the outline with developed arguments, ensure that the transition from one paragraph to another is logical. To that end, transition words are very efficient and maintain cohesiveness. Don’t forget about the conclusion.

Revise, Edit and Proofread

Once the bulk of the work is done, you must reserve some time for revision, editing, and spell-checking. Re-read your paper several times and check for clarity and consistency. To make sure that the sentences flow well, you can read your essay out loud. Look carefully for grammar mistakes and typos.

In a nutshell, all questions regarding how to write an essay about a video game are easy to answer by following the typical structure for general paper writing. Think about what’s your favorite video game and how can you convince others of its awesomeness. Many wonder how to start an essay, but sometimes it is as simple as waxing lyrical about things you love.