Games That Have Paid Homage to Famous Movie Remakes

Source: Ocean’s Trilogy via Facebook.

The trend of remaking and rebooting movies in Hollywood has proven divisive, although the potential to rake it in at the box office means that film studios are unlikely to reverse this trend any time soon. The standard criticism of remakes is that original stories are being neglected for rehashing familiar tales, a criticism not without its merit. However, in many cases these remakes surpass the original to become the most-loved version of a story or most-recognized depiction of a character.

Just as they were inspired by classic movies, these remakes can then inspire other forms of media, most notably gaming. Here is a look at three games that have taken cues from some of Hollywood’s most successful remakes.

Return of Kong Megaways

The inspiration for this Blueprint Gaming slot can be charted in an impressively long chain. The grandfather of all movie gorillas, King Kong appeared in his first eponymous movie in 1933. Just under half a century later, the Donkey Kong character roared his way into games in a not-so-subtle tribute to the King. Blueprint Gaming’s 2016 slot King Kong Cash blended the world of King Kong with the visual style of Donkey Kong, with its success spawning a sequel in the shape of Return of Kong Megaways.

The timing of this gaming release is no coincidence. King Kong is enjoying a resurgence in Hollywood, with 2017’s Kong: Skull Island rebooting the character for Legendary’s MonsterVerse. While Return of Kong Megaways adopts a more cartoony style for the symbols across its 6 reels, its influence by modern portrayals of Kong’s world is undeniable.

Source: Kong: Skull Island via Facebook.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

It is easy to forget that Ocean’s Eleven is a remake of a 1960 movie, given that the 2001 film is widely considered to be the seminal heist flick. George Clooney and Brad Pitt led a glittering cast, with its tension and spectacle setting the bar for future portrayals of heists in media. GTA: San Andreas concludes with a casino heist that can’t help but draw comparisons with the Ocean’s Eleven remake.

That extends beyond the simple fact that both Clooney’s gang and the GTA team were robbing casinos. The graphics, soundtrack and the complex characters in all GTA games gives them a very cinematic feel in general, while the multiple elements of the heist give the action the same level of drama as Ocean’s Eleven.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Capcom’s Peter Fabiano explicitly stated how Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was influenced by the classic Evil Dead trilogy. Just as the Evil Dead movies relied on a small cast of characters and a devilishly confined environment (until the final film in the trilogy, at least), so Resident Evil 7 used these techniques to maximize its horror elements.

In many ways, Evil Dead II was a quasi-remake of the preceding movie. The recap of the first Evil Dead film at the start of the sequel removed some characters and altered aspects of the plot. Many prefer the rebooted tone of Evil Dead 2, with a greater emphasis on comedy. Evil Dead 2 saw Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams utter the immortal line ‘groovy’, with Resident Evil 7 paying homage to that line in one of the boss fights.¬†

As long as remakes keep being produced, they will continue to influence other areas of popular culture. Modern generations are often more familiar with reboots than originals, so it is no surprise to see gaming companies take their cues from some of cinema’s finest remakes.