Throughout Europe, gambling regulators are facing increasing public scrutiny over issues related to predatory advertising and gambling addiction. With the online gambling industry growing at an unprecedented rate, it’s becoming increasing more difficult for regulators to monitor the activities of literally hundreds of online gambling providers. In an effort to more effectively protect citizens, a number of Europe’s top gambling regulators are looking for help.

It’s worth noting that even when an operator like Slotsino has been voted one of the UK’s top Slot Sites, it’s still important to make sure said casino is operating within industry stands. For this very reason, the Danish Gambling Authority, Spillemyndigheden, has announced the institution of whistle-blower program, a program that will give gambling operator employees an opportunity to report their firm’s violations or potential violations of the Spillemyndigheden’s current anti-money laundering legislation.

This new program is expected to give employees an anonymous platform upon which they can report violations of the new Spillemyndigheden published code of conduct without fear of retribution from their employers. With a focus on the anti-money laundering and illegal advertising segments of the legislation, whistle-blowers will be able to send encrypted information to the Gambling Authority via an established contact form. The contact form is being made available on the Spillemyndigheden website.

When the New Code Goes into Effect

The new code of conduct legislation will go into effect on July 1st of this year. The new rules will be applicable to all gambling providers operating within the Danish Gambling Authority’s jurisdiction. That includes including sports betting, lotteries, online casinos, public poker tournaments, gaming machines, bingo and land-based casinos.

It’s noteworthy that the code was created via a collaboration between the Danish Online Gaming Association (DOGA – the country’s casino operator body), Dansk Kasinoforening, and the Dansk Automat Brancheforening association, whose main purpose is safeguarding the interests of the members associated with land-based slot games.

Additional Warning to Current Gambling Operators

While announcing the institution of the whistle-blower program, government officials took the opportunity to reiterate its warnings about predatory advertising campaigns.

According to a statement provided to the press by a Spillemyndigheden representative, “the use of the word ‘free’ when advertising a bonus offer is misleading if the offer involves a turnover requirement. This is against the Danish Marketing Practices Act.”

The statement went on to read, “The same applies to the terms ‘free of charge,’ ‘free spins,’ and ‘free bet’ if the offer involves a turnover requirement. The use of these terms may lead consumers to expect that the offer is actually free and without any limitations, thus, the offer violates the rules if the bonus offer is not actually free.”

Clearly, European gambling regulators are working hard to make sure the fast-growing gambling industry stays within the laws being set forth by local governments. By instituting programs like the aforementioned whistle-blower program, operators will be pressed to operate within guidelines or risk fines and possible loss of licensing. All the resources necessary to keep the industry reasonably clean are falling into place.