Often associated with the wood-paneled, low-lit rooms of James Bond’s favorite casinos, Baccarat is a gentleman’s game that has made its way online with no loss to the elegance of the sport but with all of the rewards from winning.

That’s because, with online baccarat, you can spend more time learning the game outside of the pressures of a casino. Focusing on strategy and what works, you can hone your game for other venues or continue to enjoy the 100% authentic experience offered by the online casino.

And there’s a ton of advantages to playing online instead of in a physical location, outside of the lessened pressure on your gameplay.

Probably the biggest advantage to playing baccarat online is that, being a gentleman’s game, it can be a bit tough for newcomers but it also has its own culture unto itself.

Baccarat is often known as a high-rollers game or, in other words, a game for rich people.

That’s pretty much the reason celluloid icons like James Bond are famous for playing it. It’s a game of gentlemen, class, and money, money, money.

Of course, all of that extra stuff goes out of the window online and you’re left with the remainder: Tons of money.

But how exactly does baccarat work? After all, any game that you can “win” a bunch of money in you could also lose money, too, right?

That’s true, but people love baccarat for the thrills and the potential of big winnings.

You’ve gotta risk something to make something, right?

At its core, baccarat is a comparing card game where two hands, the player and the banker, see who has the highest hand. Every round of play in a baccarat game is called a coup. In terms of outcomes for the game, there are three possibilities: Player, banker, and tie.  

When the player wins the hand he typically has the higher cards while the same can go for the banker. Though a tie is more common than you would think, baccarat is really quite binary in deciding who won the hand.

There are many variations to the game, including punto banco (or American baccarat), chemmy (baccarat de chemin de fer, and baccarat banque. Originally gaining popularity among French nobility during the 19th century, baccarat is believed to have come to France during the reign of Charles VII as troops came back home from the Franco-Italian War.

With all of this pomp and circumstance surrounding the game (as well as the amounts typically involved), you can see why some people are intimidated by baccarat.

But you shouldn’t be.

Online baccarat will help you gain the confidence you need to head to the roped-off section of the casino floor and try your hand at one of the most rewarding card games out there.

The advantage of online casinos is that they take a ton of pressure off of the player. But don’t worry: The experience is totally authentic, with real dealers and everything you would expect in an actual casino.

On 888 Casino dealers will even help you understand your hand and how to play the game. You’ll never get that in Las Vegas or Macau, but you’ll get it here. That extra value add is something that newcomers can’t afford to pass up – especially if they don’t want to break the bank.

See, one of the big difficulties that comes with playing card games is keeping track of everything. True card sharks develop multiple ways of keeping track of everything, and this definitely gives them an edge at the table.

But tyros won’t have this ability and, instead, have to develop it over time. That puts them at a distinct disadvantage when compared with gamers that have played it for a long time.

You can game how you prefer in the environment that is best for you.

Additionally, features live, top-tier baccarat games that players can engage in once they’ve honed their skills to a certain point. Speaking of custom games, online baccarat offers enough variety in terms of options and setups that any player will find something right for him.

The objective to online baccarat is to form a hand worth 9 points. Each game is played with 8 decks of 52 cards per deck. Aces are worth one point each while numerical cards are worth their face value. Value cards like 10, Jack, Queen, and King are worth zero points. Suits do not matter whatsoever in baccarat – the only thing anybody pays attention to are the point accrued. Simple enough, right?

To start, simply pick your betting option and place your bets. Unlike Blackjack, you cannot bust out of baccarat.

Next time you’re thinking about playing some online baccarat, leave the tux and tie at home and log in to your computer instead. You will save time, money, and improve your game – all at the same time.

Like we said, once you get passed the preliminaries, you can really start to enjoy some custom games tailored specifically to your needs as a gamer.

More expert levels of baccarat await you once you get started.  

So, if you’ve been interested in this elegant gentleman’s game, you have no real excuse to not fire up 888 Casino and start today. Perhaps you will win enough money to go to the casinos in Monte Carlo one day.