3 Unusual Bots that you can find in Discord

Believe it or not, but more than 500 million messages are sent and received via the Discord application on a daily basis. Originally developed as a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for gamers back in 2015, this application allows gamers to communicate with one another globally.

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Two empty chat bubbles

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Title-Tag: Communication via chat

Alt-Tag: In the foreground there are two text chat boxes or bubbles, the left one is green/grey and the right one is blue/grey. The chat boxes have a thick, black contour line. The background has a pattern of small squares that are dark and light grey.

Enhancing your game with chat bots

To improve the gaming experience, a wide range of bots have been released in recent years. Even though bots are actually web apps whose UI layer is a chat interface, Discord bots are now a significant part of the chat experience. As such, they can help you to achieve more with your server, especially if you manage an online community.

There seems to be a bot for every function such as moderation, memes, translation, shopping, and even specifically for gambling. Some bots have a single purpose while others are more similar to AI assistants that can also process more sophisticated requests. One thing that they all have in common though is that the interaction is via text.

Some practical Discord chat bots

Chatbots are changing the way users interact online, for instance how gamers engage on different platforms. Since the bots for Discord are basically created by its own community members, it may be difficult to know which bots are of the highest quality or which ones are well-maintained. Here below you will find three Discord bots that have useful chat functions. If you wish to manage your server in an optimal way, then the following bots can certainly be useful.


This Discord bot is recommended by a lot of online game streamers. Why? Because it offers a large number of commands that can be used to moderate, notify and create different types of automatic messages (e.g. welcoming). In addition, the app enables you to search the Internet, be updated thanks to an RSS feed as well as within Discord itself.

Probably the most practical or useful feature of Tatsumaki is its incentive system. For an active use of the bot, you can be rewarded as well (for example with XP and levels). What is more, you may pay with real money (not simply virtual coins) to improve the appearance of the card showing your standing.


This is an ideal bot if you wish to add a multipurpose bot to your own Discord server. Not only is it quite powerful, but it can be tailored to your needs. It features a system that can be expanded, as well as plenty of entertaining characteristics.

The GAwesome bot provides a large selection of in-chat tools such as polls, features to kick/ban/reward members, trivia games, giveaways, an urban dictionary, etc. Of course, this is in addition to being an excellent bot for the moderation of chats in general. Overall, GAwesome makes it enjoyable for you whether you have a small community or thousands of members.


Here is a Discord bot that can do almost anything, since it does not only offer chat features that promote communication. In fact, it is a complete package deal that provides GIFs, the capacity to play extra HD, add high quality music (e.g. connected to your voice channel), productivity characteristics, and much more.

However, as a chat bot, it is quite special since its purpose is to make chatting more enjoyable for you, hence the quality of the chat is remarkable.