The latest update to Conan Exiles brings a number of bug fixes and feature enhancements to improve the gaming the experience. Also, the game NPCs and crafting system have been applied with a balance pass. Players will also find a new world boss, additions to the Purge System and a new VOIP system.

Additions to Purges

  • A number of additional purges have been added in order to increase the variety of them – amongst others Vanir Hunters, Bandits, Jhebbal Sag Disciples, Snakes, Yetis, Alchemists, Crocodiles and Rocknoses
  • The Purge is an important aspect of the game’s PvE content. While it’s been working on a technical level, it hasn’t hit the mark from a gameplay perspective and has been confusing a lot of players. We have rewritten several parts of the Purge to improve the core mechanics and make it a more reliable threat.
  • The Purge should now happen more reliably and Purge enemies should no longer be naked. The Purge meter should fill as intended. You should also reliably be able to knock out NPCs and not halt the Purge in its tracks.

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