A new article published on the Destiny 2 website reveals that the Last Wish raid has begun and the Iron Banner is making a return which is currently slated to run from September 18-25th.

Other components of this week’s newsletter include:

  • a peek at Last Wish via a new trailer
  • a look at some of the rewards players can earn in the raid, including a real world jacket: “That’s not all! Any player who beats the Last Wish before 10 AM PDT on Tuesday September 18, 2018 will have access to a personalized Last Wish raid jacket available for purchase through the Bungie Rewards program. Players who would like to participate in this offer need to make sure they complete the raid, claim the in-game Triumph, and then claim the code on the Bungie Rewards page BEFORE the weekly reset.”
  • a description of the Iron Banner rewards
  • a lengthy compilation of art assets created by Bungie developers in preparation for Forsaken
  • a lengthy list of bounties placed on players’ heads
  • the EGX schedule for the Destiny 2 team
  • hotfix notes
  • Update 2.0.3 patch notes that is scheduled to deploy on September 18th
  • player creations

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