The “Progression Update” patch will be coming online to Rocket League on August 29. Once the patch is deployed, the level cap will be removed and it “flattens the amount of XP needed for leveling up”. In addition, players will be able to create, manage or join Clubs of up to 20-members each. Lastly a number of new achievements and trophies will be added alongside various quality of life improvements.

The new progression system is being moved from “offline” to “online only” so that “no player can ‘game the system’ to earn levels, titles and other unlocks”.

As players gain XP and progress through levels, they can earn random items of Uncommon rarity or better. This is done to make earning free items more “consistent and predictable”. At various benchmark levels, all of a specific type of item will unlock. “For example: You will unlock every common Topper after 15 matches” and so forth

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