Legend of Solgard is a new Mobile RPG where players are charged with heading into Solgard to “save the world from the icy doom of Ragnarok”. The game is free to download from either the Apple App Store or Google Play and includes nine worlds to travel through, a ton of enemies and bosses and gear to collect all themed around Nordic folklore.

  • Campaign: Players must fight most of their battles against the frost minions. There’s a long and winding road from each world’s first battle to its final boss, but with every frost minion you crush and ice portal you shatter, the more creatures you will collect
  • Treasure Caves: Players must harvest as many Sun Gems as they can from the caves
  • Bounties: Players must claim bounties on villains in the world of Solgard, a great way to earn Gold!
  • The Dungeons: Alongside their guild, players must venture deep into the dungeons to slay bosses that await them
  • Hero Arena: Players must fight other heroes for fame, glory and diamonds!
  • Boss Arena: Players will take on world bosses once more in new and exciting challenges

LET'S RAGNAROK! Legend of Solgard - Out Now!

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