Destiny 2 will have the Update 1.2.3 deployed on July 17th which will bring Crucible changes & Prestige Raid Lairs.


Based on player feedback, there are a number of big things coming for Crucible with the July 17th patch. These include making 6v6 available in Quickplay as well as “removing Supremacy from the available game modes”. Players will also be able to earn Valor ranks from Competitive, Crucible Labs, Iron Banner and Trials of the Nine.

Other notable inclusions:

  • joining a game in progress will protect your Valor Win Streak – if a match is lost, no penalties; if a match is won, VWS increases
  • players will be matched according to their Glory rank
  • Glory Loss Streaks to be retuned

Prestige Raid Lairs

Both Spire of Stars and Eater of Worlds raid lairs will have a Prestige version added in the July 17th update. The post has a comprehensive list of what players will be expected to do and what they can earn for the effort.

Collections & Costs

When Forsaken launches in September, there will be a number of new features that players have questions about. This week, Investment Designer Matt McConnell answers several questions about Costs & Collections in Forsaken.

What items from Year 2 can be reacquired from Collections?

With the addition of random perk rolls to items starting in Year 2, we had to make a tough call for Collections. We investigated numerous options for gear with random perks: fixed Collections perks, buyback limits, reroll mechanics, and many others—but each of these came with issues that impacted the Collections experience in a negative manner. Ultimately, we decided to disable purchase of all Year 2 randomly-rolled Legendary weapons and armor.

We don’t like keeping some items from experiencing the full Collections treatment, so we’re looking at a long-term solve for storing your exact perk rolls in Collections.

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