The patch notes for v1.0.0.8 has been released and reveals some insights about the number of game balance adjustments deployed by the team. The updates have been applied to Peninsular War, monster abilities, class skills and to quest rewards. In addition, some translation errors have been corrected and an update to the Special Shop has been applied.

Players will also find tuning to several features including:

  • fewer points earned for capturing the Central base in Peninsular War
  • increased XP for solo levels 11-13 episode quests
  • some episode quests have had the required level lowered
  • some field / low level dungeon monsters have had HP decreased
  • chain bonuses have been “enhanced” 10-20%
  • various class tuning adjustments
  • removed achievement rewards for level 2 (Skilled) and level 3 (Professional) of all crafting skills to improve game content balance.
  • bug fixes

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