It’s fair to assume we have all attempted to cheat a little bit within a game whether out of frustration or desperation it’s a daily occurrence that happens across all platforms but is it immoral and does it lead to further issues?

My first memories of cheating came way back when I was a young lad in the early 1990s were Playstation magazines were sold with demos and featured cheats for many of the most popular games on the console. I was lucky enough to have entered a competition with a publication that I sadly cannot remember the name of, but for being a winner, I was given a fantastic Xploder cheat cartridge, wow … it was amazing!

It was a relatively simple method of cheating that altered the memory of a game in real-time, after all – it’s all made of 0 and 1’s. The cartridge came with a small little book that made it as easy as pie. Unlimited lives became the norm, and GOD mode was the future, I am a virtual king, and we all need tips, especially Grand National Tips .

The Morality Test.

Final Fantasy VII is considered one of if not the greatest Final Fantasy game of all time, it combines elements of RPG, adventure and fantastic storytelling over a four disk period but would cheating affect the outcome of the experience? Your goal is to survive, explore and to challenge yourself but if there is no fear of loss, death or time then does the self-achievement that come from completing the game exist?

This is what I call the moral dilemma, you can play the game and even enjoy it but would it have been even better if you spent that few extra hours without assistance? Realistically I believe your age can determine the outcome for example; myself as a child I could cheat, feel accomplished and carry on as if it was my own doing but as you get older you want the challenge and hurdles that come with it because when life can be hard it’s always better to overcome adversity.

The Answer is: NO!

Some games are just hard; some are made so they are unbeatable and some are just plain bad. Gaming is a personal experience and a social one and despite people’s best efforts to nullify cheating by making you pay for perks, loot boxes or even coins your experience is ultimately yours, do with it as you please and never let anyone tell you how to enjoy yourself.