Medieval games have been a big hit with gamers for a long time. People love nothing more than visiting times gone by, when knights with shining armour, sword fights and jousting were all prominent. Medieval games have sort of added a bit of spice to history and made it more entertaining by also adding in a mix of magic, dragons and other mythical creatures. It’s these ingredients that have made the genre so popular with video gamers and gamers in general, especially over the last decade or so.

First of all, the draw has certainly been boosted by the success of medieval TV shows such as Game of Thrones. The HBO hit series is one of the best of all time, and it’s no surprise that it has been developed into various different forms of games. There’s been video games based on the American fantasy drama and not only that, but slot giants Microgaming also went on to create a slot game which has been hugely popular in its own right.

With history being extremely popular thanks to books, TV shows and films, it follows that audiences are drawn to games based on medieval times; as this pastime tends to be one of the most enjoyable and fun forms of entertainment. Furthermore, quite a number of games are based in the future or in unrealistic settings; so being able to play in medieval times, where the games hold authenticity from the era that they are being played in, is quite an attractive proposition.

The draw of medieval games certainly has proven to be one of the most popular gaming genres of all time. In terms of video games they have been around since the 90s thanks to the likes of Age of Empires and Castlevania. Since then there has been huge games such as World of Warcraft, attracting millions of players worldwide. The stand out game series though is probably Assassin’s creed. The multi-platform game takes players back to the medieval times but without the magic and mythical characters, giving it a greater feel of authenticity.

Slot game developers have also taken advantage of the genre too. For a long time the likes of Microgaming and NetEnt, leaders in the industry, have been looking for fresh ways to draw in the crowds and to keep them engaged and playing for longer. Over the last few years we have seen hugely successful medieval slots such as Game of Thrones and Warlords – Crystals of Power. The medieval genre allows developers to really get to work on creating an authentic experience through the use of backdrops, symbols, animations and audio. A move away from generic slots has seen these sorts of games boom in popularity. One can find all the best reviews of these online slots games at, and these guys even cover sports betting sites too.

Medieval games will always draw in the crowds and the audiences will only continue to grow as more and more content is based on the genre. With more books, TV shows and films being based on these times it inevitably means that even more games will be produced too. If they’re anything like the ones we have seen so far, they’re likely to go on to be roaring successes too.