Why am I still playing ESO after three long years of adventuring?

The first reason is quality.

Elder Scrolls Online is a densely packed open world experience that keeps on getting better and still looks great thanks to the designers at Bethesda.

Let us remember too that Bethesda began life as a sports game developer before entering the RPG market. For historians of game development, the origins of Elder Scrolls can be traced way back to a game called Arena, a med evil style gladiator game back in 1994. The title Elder Scrolls Arena was added and the idea of the modern game was born.

When you start with a great product it makes life a lot easier. From Arena to Daggerfall to Oblivion to Skyrim the game evolved along with the designers. Also arriving at the same time was DLC (paid addons). Bethesda needed the cash and to fund new projects and this was one way forward. What with the 22 million sales of Skyrim Bethesda had really hit the bigtime.

When I talk about Elder Scrolls Online being the most successful RPG ever released you can see it was built on firm foundations.  I’m not saying the game has not had its problems. No game subscription certainly played a big part in keeping the gamers happy and various technical issues had to be overcome but the game is now very reliable. There are better looking multiplayer RPG’s but only in China or Korea, and Japan, but they fall behind in other aspects. The gameplay is extremely addictive.

This is not the game for the time poor and although it may not quite have the scene luxury of its predecessor Skyrim Elder Scrolls 5, it excels in every other way. The more you invest in ESO the bigger the return. One of the big advantages over rival games is the go anywhere aspect. It matters not what level you are in the PvE the only restriction being you must be over level ten to enter PVP. In fact, it can be so addictive it’s recommended you take regular breaks when playing.

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Seriously, this game demands a lot of your time but if you are a fan of roll playing games then the Elder Scrolls Online is for you.