The Last of Us PS4 Bundle Leaked

Today is a really good day for all role-playing games fans all over the world. So, discard your homework, you will have an opportunity to grade coursework and other papers later. The remastered version of the widely acclaimed game The Last of Us is supposedly getting bundled with the PlayStation 4, according to Amazon France.

The game originally launched on PS3 in June 2016, where it wowed fans and critics, proving once again developer Naughty Dog still had that cinematic touch that we have come to expect. Yesterday, Sony issued refunds for those who digitally purchased The Last of Us: Remastered, as it saw a $10 price drop.

Sony games has confirmed that a playable demo of The Last of Us: Remastered is going to become available for download on PSN and Xbox Live on Jule 2nd. The demo, unfortunately, has only been confirmed for Japan at the time of writing.

Even though the demo may not be released in the West, it will still be possible for European and North American gamers to download it by creating a free JPN PSN account.

Many players who missed out on The Last of Us the first time around are eagerly anticipating this remastered release. It is a game deserved to be played by all, truly a masterpiece, in my opinion, and one of the defining games of last generation.

For those who have been living under a rock and have no idea what the game is like, let me bring you up to speed. The Last of Us is an atmospheric action adventure game developed by Naughty Dog, creators of the popular Uncharted series. The game boasts beautiful motion capture, as well as hauntingly beautiful and desolate environments.

For those looking for a carefree game, this is not for you. The Last of Us is set in a bleak post apocalyptic world littered with the “infected”. The games primary focus is on the character development and story of Joel and Ellie, the games protagonists.

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