3 Smartphone Games that Go Above and Beyond the Usual

The average smartphone game expects the user to interact with it in a way that has become traditional over the last decade: by tapping and swiping on a touchscreen. The same method of interaction is used in the vast majority of games, from the most complex shooters to the simple casual games online casino reviews are so eager to describe. There are, in turn, a handful of games that go beyond this traditional way of user interaction, inventing new ways to keep more than just your mind busy.

Fast like a Fox

Most mobile platformers rely on fingers tapping on the screen for movement. Not “Fast like a Fox”, though – it uses a completely different way to move the ominous fox around the screen. The game, published in 2015 by Finnish developer Fingersoft, uses a unique tap control – players have to tap the back of their phones to advance through the game.

The game is a pretty simple platformer with amazing graphics inspired by retro console games and an upbeat soundtrack to make it even more interesting. And if you think it’s an easy task to tap the back of your phone, give it a try.

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Long before Pok√©mon GO got millions of smartphone users off their couches and out of their rooms, game developer Niantic has already gone beyond the standards. Ingress, its first major release, is an alternate reality game that’s location-based, meaning that players need to get out of the house to play it.

Ingress players are divided into two factions, the Enlightened and the Resistance, both with their own idea about the further development of humanity. To ensure their supremacy, these factions have to capture various objectives, gather Access Points, and perform various tasks to progress through the game. It’s a very complex game with a dedicated following to this day.

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Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! brings the zombie apocalypse to you in a way never seen before. It is a lot like an interactive story about the last remnants of humanity in which the user plays a “Runner”, gathering resources and trying to escape the hordes of the living dead. To play it, users need to start the game and start running, while listening to the story. And when the zombies come, they need to do their best to escape – run!

Zombies, Run! takes interaction to a whole new level. It’s an “exergame”, an app that combines gaming action with an incentive to exercise – and, as the users’ testimonials show, it works. After all, there’s no better motivation to run than a horde of flesh-eating corpses following you…

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