Reasons Why Sports Team Owners Are buying eSports Teams

Reasons Why Sports Team Owners Are buying eSports Teams

The age of technological development has extended greatly to the sporting world. With gambling activities taking effect and thriving, most people want a piece of the action. eSports has become a serious investment even for the professional sports owners. For the past few years, they have shown their interest in the eSports industry, by buying eSports teams to go with the digital look. For example, the Philadelphia 76ers last year acquired Apex and Team Dignitas while FC Schalke 04 acquired Elements WU LCS spot. The question still stands, why are all these sports owners and teams purchasing eSports teams?

It is a growing investment

The professional sports owners have to prepare for the future. The eSports industry is growing exponentially and thus expected to dominate other industries within a few years in terms of the revenue it brings in. In that case, owners of professional sports clubs and teams see this as an opportunity to take advantage of the industry. While they run or manage their professional clubs, they will be able to replicate the same with the eSports teams they buy. In short eSports my rival professional sports in terms of the money it will bring in the near future and this is a great investment.

For quality content

It is one way through which sports owners can get quality content thanks to eSports. The more viewers a player on eSports gets the more the quality of the content. By buying an eSports team, the owners will have their own OTT platform for their live streams. As such they will be able to attract many viewers and get quality content in the process. Get genuine free e-sports betting tips and predictions for the upcoming eSports tournaments and matches. Find all the match previews and analysis for the coming matches to improve your chances.

To conserve the future generation of fans

Most people, including professional sports fans are switching to the eSports industry. This means that the number of fans, in the former, is declining since they are getting lost in the eSports gaming. Professional sports owners thus buy eSports teams to compensate and conserve the future generation of fans switching to eSports. Most fans are subscribing more to eSports tournaments rather than professional sports which may leave the latter with low revenue due to low subscription. In order to curb that sports team owners choose to buy eSports team to maintain their fan base.

As an extension to their traditional sports team

It helps to connect with the professional sports team. For example, if a football sports team owner decides to buy a football eSports team, then he or she will be able to drive more fans to his professional team. Through live streaming, Esports fans will be able to grow fond of the professional sports team by choosing to play the same team in eSports. This plays well as an extension of the traditional sports team.