Will online casinos replace real ones?

Although real casinos offer a variety of games including blackjack, roulette and poker, they don’t compare to the variety of options you can choose playing an online casino. The major appeal of online casinos to people is being able to play in the comfort of your own home as long as they have internet access available. What’s more is that online casinos are no longer restricted to just the computer and the same variant, over and over again. A great example of being able to find the different variants of your favourite game is in the Ladbrokes’ 21 Card Games Video which shows you all of the different variations of blackjack. This is excellent for new and experienced blackjack players who want to play a modern version of the classic casino game. Depending on how the gambling website is designed, you may be able to play it on your mobile or tablet with ease. More casinos are launching apps for the use of Apple and Android mobile users – but will online casinos replace real ones?

We think not. Despite the convenience of playing online, land-based casinos are unlikely to be replaced with online alternatives. People enjoy going to the casino. Every person has a reason to gamble; whether it’s for fun at the expense of winning or to enjoy the thrill of being in a competitive environment. Others prefer the social aspect as opposed to gambling by enjoying the food, drink and accommodation on site. For some, it helps people escape their problems or provides a sense of relief. These feelings aren’t always sustainable when playing online sat at home or during your commute to work.

Going to a casino is like walking into another world. Not only is no one aware of the time and for those that don’t enjoy social places, visiting their local casino is an excellent opportunity to get out of the house. A vast majority of casino players prefer going to a real casino, with a real dealer and compete against real people. One of the few negatives is proximity. If the nearest casino to home is located in the next city, the player will need to take into consideration travel and accommodation fees as well as the cost of eating out.

Both online and land-based casinos have their positive and negative aspects. Online casinos don’t require physical effort unlike real casinos where you are required to follow the dress code or have to worry about making a dinner reservation. Although the games found in both online and land-based casinos are almost the same and work in the same way, online casinos mostly require you to play against an automated program whereas others allow you to play against a live dealer which can increase poker players win rate since they only require one hand and can play up to 24 tables at any one time. Online casinos can also be played anywhere at any time so whether you get the urge to place a bet a 2pm or 2am you can. Due to the competition online casinos are up against they offer free casino cash to maintain the interest of players. Similarly, new players are greeted with an incentive to get them to sign up to the site. The more often they play the more freebies they will receive in return.

Although playing online saves you these additional costs, you miss out on the social aspect a land-based casino has to offer.  There’s no reason to replace land-based casinos with those available online. It’s all down to personal preference and which you find most entertaining to play.