The Eclipse content expansion set to hit both PC and console on August 22nd. The expansion allows players to take part in new class customization options, Shadow Titan battles, check out the Trove Atlas maps, work with gem forging and more.

The expansion also brings:

  • a pair of new floors in the Shadow Tower
  • level 10 players can create a sub-class for passive skills and stat boosts
  • Trove Atlas that allows quicker, easier travel between biomes
  • Gem Forging to improve existing gems or to reroll for better boons
  • daily login bonuses and events

/After hearing recent player concerns , the team has shared what they have in mind for the rest of the year.

Some Trove veterans have also expressed concerns about Leaderboards and the Mastery system. This includes a wide range of feedback on how recipes for boats and mounts are designed, the removal of items that grant Mastery, and most importantly how newly released Mastery items are earned. I hear you on all fronts, and have been mindful of this feedback as the team works toward permanent changes.

Based on player feedback, the following are in the works:

  • clubs will be updated with things like member ranks and building permissions and “leveling up”
  • mastery cap will stretch beyond 300
  • anti-leech to more quickly build structures
  • a new biome
  • new tutorial system

The Shadow Approaches - Trove Eclipse

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