Will Bingo Games Become a Hit on the Chinese Market?

Betting has spread all over the world faster than any other form of interactive gaming. Many cities around the globe have turned into popular destinations thanks to the casino industry. The most best among them are Atlantic City, Monte Carlo and Las Vegas. Tourists and residents can not resist the variety of gaming facilities. The nightlife at these destinations is about playing casino games such as slots, roulette and blackjack. Therefore betting is so enchanting not only for combining gaming and risk taking but for being a social activity as well.

The Casino Meccas of China

Other places that gained a lot of fame because of the gaming industry are Hong Kong and Macau in China. Those are the prime destinations of Asia for the people who seek betting thrills. Despite the gaming facilities we mentioned, placing wagers is not an everyday activity in China. According to the local jurisdiction, any form of gambling in the country is illegal. Still, there are no laws against playing lottery games as they are the only form of legal betting in China.

The reason why there is an exception for the casino industry in Macau and Hong Kong is the history of the two districts. During the colonisation, Hong Kong was a colony of the United Kingdom, while Macau used to be a part of Portugal. Nowadays, each of the two districts has the status of an autonomous territory with a jurisdiction of its own. People who don’t know that, think that gambling is legal throughout China. Just like the facilities of the United States, the operators of Hong Kong and Macau offer a variety of casino games. However, bingo is the one gaming option that hasn’t been introduced to the local gamblers yet.

Why Promoting the Game is Hard

The residents of the China are known for being fascinated with card games and numbers. Since those are the basics of the lottery game, the fact that bingo is not a part of the gaming portfolio of the country is surprising. Gamblers from the United Kingdom and the USA believe that playing at a bingo hall offers a better social activity than casino betting. The online features make the gameplay more interactive for those who prefer to stay home. That is why web operators that promote the game are a huge hit in Britain and North America. There are two options for online gamers: one is playing games for free while the other one costs money. If you prefer the thrills of taking risks while gaming online, then you should visit this website and play at the best UK bingo operators.

The introduction of the lottery game is bound to bring profit to the country of China and entertainment to the residents. The local punters like to bet on numbers. Playing games based on luck are a favourite among the community. Despite that, the concept of numerology has failed to win the Chinese audience when it comes to bingo. The problem is related to the definition of the term lucky numbers in the country. There are eight digits in the Chinese numerology that bring fortune and three that cause misfortune. Unfortunately for betting operators, the most popular numbers in bingo gaming are not the ones that the local punters like the most. The lottery game has made an impression to the population of the Asian district, but not a good one. Chinese enjoy betting on lucky numbers, but they dislike bingo.

Attempts to Introduce the Game

Despite all the negative attitude, game developers are not ready to give up. The operators believe that they can overcome the lack of strong standing regarding the background of bingo in China. The game will have a potential to become popular as long as there are no legislation problems. For the last ten years, many Western companies have tried to give the bingo industry a push in China. Gala Coral made an attempt to introduce gaming halls to the country in 2007. Back then, the company managed to win a licence to test out bingo facilities in the district of Hebei. Although the project didn’t come right, Gala Coral gave a good example how to handle the matter. The company took the first step towards making bingo a favourite activity in China, but achieving that goal requires a lot more work.

Making online gaming available to the Chinese gamblers is one of the biggest obstacles for the Western Bingo Companies. Playing the lottery game on the internet is more comfortable for the punters. Gambling studies show that the number of people who choose online bingo is increasing. Therefore having a gaming site has become a condition for every operator. Unfortunately, the Chinese gamblers can not take advantage of the option. The problem is the jurisdiction of the country.

Legal Trouble for Bingo Websites

According to the laws of China online betting is banned. The restriction goes even for the autonomous territories. Gambling at Macau and Hong Kong is a primary source of financial incomes for the country. Despite the exception for casino gaming in both districts, the local operators don’t have a licence for online gambling. That law may change though. With the success of the casino industry in the autonomous territories, there’s a chance for internet betting to become legal one day.

Once online bingo becomes available in China, the residents will have access to the Western gaming sites. However, the gamblers need to take some time to explore the features. There is enough information on the web for everyone who wants to learn how to play the lottery game. Topbingowebsites.co.uk will tell you all about the variety of gaming options, the unique features of the software, and of course – the best operators and their promotions. Once you enter the website, you will understand more about the competition between the top online bingo providers. The countless number of sites in the USA and the UK is a solid proof regarding the popularity of the lottery game.

Will There be Bingo in China

Nobody can be sure that the bingo industry has a future in China. However, there are reasons to believe in the potential of a long-term plan. Gambling is already a part of Chinese history, because of the facilities in Hong Kong and Macau. The expanding popularity of casino gaming in the two districts is the reason why it seems possible for bingo to become a hit on the local market.
If the lottery game has gained do much success in the West, it is bound to have a chance in China. Still, when and how will that happen can not be foreseen.