The 2017 Steam Summer Sale is Here!

Every year the Steam summer sales greet us with fantastic bargains to be had by all. If you’re like me then buying new games at full retail price is something I’m always ambiguous about regardless if it’s making me crave it. This year the 2017 sales are underway and already my fingers are itching to take the plunge and purchase an entire arsenal of games that I’m surely going to play (sarcasm) but with all that being said let’s take a look at some of the current sales featured.

Tomb Raider Franchise

Every gamer knows who Lara Croft is , dating back to the original 1996 release Lara has turned into a remarkable globally known phenom and even has her own set of Hollywood Movies. It wasn’t until 2013 that the game changed its pace from a puzzle platform game to an action-adventure monster. The current Tomb Raider franchise offers up to 80% off via the Steam store.

Prison Architect

A wildly addictive and fun simulation strategy Prison Architect offers players the chance to run and operate a prison whilst command every position from the layout, staff , deliveries and even showers. The standard edition can be picked up for 75% off and is one of my most recommended titles on sale as of this moment.

Dying Light

It seems that the zombie genre has taken a great leap as of late – limitless games are appearing each year hoping to claim the title of best zombie title but where others have failed Dying Light has succeeded. An open world survival Dying Light offers amazing co-op gameplay and story telling whilst providing amazing visuals to stimulate even the most mundane of critics. Get it for 60% off at the store today.

Not everyone feels the need to engage in the master race of gaming – take for example quickspin slots you get bonuses for joining and with the added incentive of cash prizes this is something Steam cannot accommodate. With all these titles on sale what game do I take the plunge on and buy? Ultimately I’m spoilt for choice but  it comes down to whether or not my wallet can handle it and sadly It cannot. Purchasing every single game I saw that appealed to me would leave me in financial ruins (did I mention I already have a ton of games on my Steam inventory that I’ve never played…) I think the best course of action for me now is to sit and wait and let nature takes it course.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Now this is a game that surely is one to pre-order. The previous title took the well-known Assassins Creed engine and put a Lord of the Rings spin to it and what transpired can only be considered a success. Never in my years would I think I could have as much fun dismembering orcs as I have on this game – it’s fun , entertaining and most of all addictive.

My recommendations may not be to everyone’s pallet but I would recommend you check out the sales but please … don’t tell the wife!