Is Counter-Stike the most fun MMOFPS?

My first experience with Counter-Strike came back in around 2002 with the release of version 1.4  – it was fun , hard and required skill (unless you’re one of those lame people who use aim-bots and such). It’s crazy to think that from its original release in 99′ as a mod of Half-Life its outlasted , outgrown and quite frankly surpassed 99% of all the FPS games in existence but is it down to luck? The simple answer is No. Let me explain; whilst other games claimed to offer a realistic immersive experience , Counter-Strike lived up to all expectations and surpassed it but ultimately it was down to the player base , constant updates and more.

What is so great about Counter-Strike you maybe wondering? simply put  – whilst other titles such as Unreal Tournament and Quake offered frantic game-play it was CS that took a more strategic front providing you with a single life per round and thus in the event of your death you can see your fellow teams game-play and judge appropriately. Common place of of 2017 but back then the MMOFPS genre was severely limited to fast paced manic gameplay.

With a strong player base its only natural for a company to want to progress it’s game and where there is progress there will always be people looking to exploit upon that. Take for example the new skin gambling feature that was introduced via the 2013 Arms Deal update, the entire purpose was to reward players with skins from other Valve titles but what transpired can only be considered a problem. CS:GO Lotto came about headed by Tom Cassell and Trevor Martin – two popular Twitch streamers whom promoted their website via the means of deception including promoting of the site to minors. The pair rigged their streams to make it seem as if they were neither affiliated with the website and spent heavily on the CS Lotto service only to win on a more frequent occasion giving the viewer the impression of random success.

If people wanted to spend their money on a legitimate service all they had to do was turn to live betting for example but instead they used their influence on their viewers and deceived them into thinking that if they visited the CS:GO Lotto website they too could win some rather illusive skins for Counter-Strike . After a ton of bad press Valve issued many cease and disorders to 23 rogue websites giving them 10 days to comply ultimately ending the practice of CS:GO Lotto and similar services.

The community recovered, the press died down and the game carried on but Trevor ‘TmarTn’ Martin and Tom ‘ProSyndicate’ Cassell ended up getting sued – what will happen to them? Time will tell but I ultimately consider Counter-Strike is the best MMOFPS especially in terms of longevity – heck … it even became an e-sport , that must say something about it? Regardless if you agree or not you cannot question it’s influence in modern games .