Prior to the future release of the Rise of the Necromancer add-on, the Diablo 3 site has been updated with the history of Necromancers and how they fit into the overall series universe. Also, there will be new areas added to the game when the update is deployed. Each new location gives players new monsters to slay, new locations to uncover, new bounties to complete.

As for Necromancers:

Whether you’ve played a Necromancer in Diablo II or are simply looking forward to playing one in Diablo III, you might have pondered the answers to the above! At the same time, the lore of this class can be hard to piece together, spanning multiple books as well as conversations in the games themselves.

To make it easy for you to finally get the answers you seek, and to help you get in the mood to raise the dead, we’ve provided a helpful summary below—so stay awhile, and listen!

First Look: The Shrouded Moors and Beyond

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