CS:GO Real Money Bets … Yes, You Read That Right

CS:GO Real Money Bets … Yes, You Read That Right

Remember when the only way you could find some good, solid betting action was on real life sports? Yeah, there are probably quite a few of us out there who don’t have any experience with that kind of limitation, but don’t worry … the struggle was real.

Betting is a massive international business. People from all walks of life, from all sorts of socio-economic lifestyles, and from every corner of the world have a strong interest in sports, gaming, and other competitive events and where there’s two people or teams squaring off against one another, there are people wanting to wager money on the event.

This has extended to some video games, too.

There are a number of highly popular video games that have taken the gaming world by storm. A big reason for that has to do with the real feel of those games, the high intensity, fast-paced on screen activity, and the simple fact that players, especially the most avid, die-hard fans, take it seriously.

When people take their activities seriously, it leads to some intense competition and where there is intense competition, there’s often a way to help people place wagers on them.

Welcome to eSports Betting.

The letter ‘e’ that often precedes certain words these days refers to ‘electronic’. So, eSports betting refers to electronic sports betting, or people placing a wide range of wagers on electronic games, like Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

This highly popular video game, also commonly referred to as CS:GO has been out for several years and was the next generation in the Counter Strike series. But it’s not the only electronic gaming activity that people are thrilled to bet on.

The changing landscape of video games.

For those of an older generation, video games have been around for almost 50 years now. When Atari hit the streets in the 1970s, it was the beginning of what would become a multi-billion dollar annual industry, but it wouldn’t be nearly as popular today without the evolution of graphics, capabilities of the machines and technology, and more.

If you were to sit down and look at Pong, one of the earlies home video games and compared it to Call of Duty, there really is nothing to compare it to. Back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, video games were basically played for the reason they were designed … fun.

Today, millions of teens and adults play these video games for fun, but there are also growing numbers who are playing for the competition. There are international leagues, fans who will watch some of these teams and players compete, learn new strategies and ‘tricks’ that might help them grow and develop as stronger competitors, and a number of men and women getting into eSports betting.

CS:GO Real Money Bets

One such game that has attracted numerous eSports betting fans is Counter Strike: Global Offensive. When you take stock in what’s been going on with this highly competitive game, you begin to realize there are some serious CS:GO real money bets being placed on these highly touted and watched competitions.

So, what are the bets for?

Anyone who has experience with betting on real life sports and other competitions understand there are numerous options usually available. That’s because betting on these sports has been going on for decades and the companies and organizations that take the wagers have developed many ways to keep people engaged beyond just the basic win-loss factor.

For example, people today can place wagers on who will score first. They can bet on injuries in some events. They can bet on an entire season rather than just one game. Fantasy league play has expanded betting options within the sports world even more.

With eSports betting, though, don’t expect those same type of scenarios because this is still relatively new, at least in comparison to how long real life sports betting has been going on. These betting establishments are working through the logistics to determine what provides the best odds, the most engagement, and also just as importantly, how to avoid potential situations where players or teams control the outcome to some degree in order to affect the oddsmakers.

Some betting sites, though, are beginning to expand their options on what to bet on, including wins and losses, scores, how many tasks get completed, which ones are completed first, and so on.

Get involved.

The best way to learn just what CS:GO real money bets and other eSports betting is all about is to get involved. There’s no need to drop a fortune on any competition, especially if you’re not familiar with the best teams, but take a look around, see what all the buzz is about, and if you’re a fan of betting, you’re going to have a great new hobby to consider.