Beware of the Killer Teddy

The novel and unique concept of Virtual Reality just like other new medium has its lovers and its haters. With mixed reviews appearing on our screens daily it’s difficult for some to make up their minds whether it’s a brilliant and exciting step forward or something that should be avoided.

The gambling industry is one of the mediums which is embracing Virtual Reality and all that it could provide for the industry.

This really is no surprise as the industry as a whole pioneer new ideas and technologies see the potential that these advancements can bring.

An example of this would be how quickly the industry saw the potential of mobile gambling resulting in an explosion of excellent games available on all mobile platforms. In fact there is now a greater percentage of people that have a bet on sites like Schmitts Mobile Casino than those who use their computers for the same thing.

No matter where you sit at this moment on the fence there is no denying that the possibilities that Virtual Reality affords the entertainment industry is pretty breathtaking.

But like a lot of new developments the initial offerings have been interesting but a little underwhelming if truth be told, that is until now.

Wilson”s Heart has you awakening in an abandoned 1940’s hospital where you awaken in the body of Robert Wilson strapped to an operating table and with a floating glass orb in place of your heart.

Pretty fed up with this you as Wilson decide you want your human hear back and so you decide to set off and go find it, and of course this is when things heat up.

The hospital is not abandoned at all in fact monsters stalk the halls and the whole building is best by the darkness of evil doings. The few who are left are preyed on, and once more there is a killer teddy bear to banish childhood fantasies once and for tall that ‘Ted’ was your best friend when you were six.

Drawing its inspiration from such classics as ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dracula, Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Wolf Man genre, Wilson’s Heart is wild with a constant thunderstorm going on outside the game is rendered all in black and white adding to the creepy feel.

This is fun horror which delights at being cheesy to the extent that you would not be surprised to see Christopher Lee or Vincent Price join in the action.

Wilson’s Heart works in so many ways even though it stumbles quite a lot, but to be honest you can forgive the stumbles because the game is using VR as it should be, as a tool, and if it was not on VR then it would still be worth checking out.