Pearl Abyss recently revealed a ton of new content for Black Desert Online which will give players a whole new experience to the game! The content includes a new class, a huge new monster, a cooperative horde mode, rebalancing siege warfare to allow for unguilded players, improvements to the UI and guild systems, Kamasylvia Part 2, a climbing system, transportation via airships and a new way to combine two pre-awakened skills to create something new.

The Striker uses a combination of street fighting skills with traditional martial arts. He is a bare knuckles brawler who is quick on his feet.  The Striker is considered a one-on-one specialist through the use of fast feet and evasion.

Other items of note:

  • Black Raptured Dimension – horde mode to defend an island from waves of monsters. Resources can be used to construct defenses
  • Siege War Militia – making allowances for “strangers” (un-guilded players) to join the fight on one side or another. Neither side will know how many of these individuals are present that can tip the balance of power
  • UI and Guild systems to be overhauled and improved
  • Kamasylvia Part 2 is in development that will include the capital city, new zones and battlegrounds as well as a hunting ground designed for level 60 players and above
  • Legendary Unicorn – a battle mount
  • Climbing system
  • Zeppelins to travel on a set schedule between destinations
  • Skill Promotion System that allows combining two pre-awakened skills into a new one