Is Social Gaming the future?

Social Gaming is defined as gambling on social media, and this practice has been gathering increasing momentum for quite some time. In fact, Social Gaming is a $3 billion industry, and in 2017 it is predicted by some to generate over $4 billion; which is arguably conservative, with some of the most prolific spenders being avid social gamers.

Facebook is by far the most favoured social media platform for online games, as 61% of all players who gamble on social media being active via Facebook. This specific social media platform has very stringent guidelines for real money gambling; with only a limited number of countries permitted to indulge in this practice which then requires prior approval from Facebook. In reality, very few actually qualify; and as result, this means free games and related apps will continue to grow and dominate the social gambling sphere.

In the main, the commercial model followed by most online gambling operators is offering patrons in-game bonuses, freebies, and virtual prizes that can then be purchased with real cash or Facebook credits (which can also be secured by real cash). This model has been very successful, and it is quite noticeable that most of the casino games contained on Facebook are free online casino games.

There is really no surprise when it comes to why this pastime is such a compelling proposition to a global audience. First and foremost, it is free and enables everyone to enjoy free slots, poker, blackjack and lottery games. Secondly, it is the perfect way of getting familiar and proficient at new online slot games, table games and gambling online in general; without having to risk real cash.

Also, due to the fact that it is a social network, it is easier for players to meet up online with their friends and enjoy various games together. Players can then compete against each other, offer suggestions and opinions which makes the entire experience more exciting and less intimidating.

Furthermore, there is a huge range of games available to ensure players are never bored. In addition to actual online casino games which are usually found on more established casino sites like Mr Green, there are also a fair number of online slot games that are unique and have been conceived by independent developers; which will not be found anywhere else.

Therefore, it is clear to see why online gaming operators are increasingly becoming more prominent on social media platforms. One of the oldest companies to be on Facebook is Zynga, which is probably most well known for its FarmVille game. But Zynga also has a number of free casino games which covers online slots and poker; which are highly popular and fashionable to play.

So, most definitely, social gambling is here to stay, with more and more innovative games and online gaming operators being drawn to an ever growing global audience who are open to the new and wonderful world of gambling; it means this social phenomena is set to dominate for some time to come.