The latest update to the game brings a pair of new areas and the updated Kas Ruin and a number of community events. In addition, the Vile Weapons of the Obsidian Cabalists are shown in a new video. Also, new maps are in the works that should allow the game’s newest citizens to progress and adventure without the need to use the overworld map or to have to load in and out of scenes. These will open immediately after players finish the initial starting zone.

The first of the maps to be added is the Solace Bridge Outskirts:

Our first Outskirts scene is Solace Bridge Outskirts. It is downriver from Solace Bridge where the Solace River meets the ocean. The small army that was defeated at Solace Bridge has retreated here and sent on the villager refugees to Soltown. They have made camp in a ruined tower overlooking the swampy shoreline. However they are not getting to rest in their retreat for a nearby bandit camp is preying on them, stealing supplies. Plus across the river lie the ruins of an ancient village infested with the very undead they just retreated from! We hope to have this scene live in Release 41 or 42.

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